November 29, 2021 -

Day: November 29, 2021

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Amazing Wedding Cakes That Are In Style This Year!

A delicious and beautiful wedding cake always adds to the elegance of any wedding. It also adds to the excitement at the wedding. This artfully made treat bears traces of the Roman era and the Middle Ages. As a result, it has become a must-consider before choosing your ideal wedding cake or anniversary cake ideas […]

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WiFi 6E: What is 6 GHz WiFi and How It Makes a Difference?

WiFi 6E is here! WiFi is extending into the 6GHz band, providing new WiFi 6E devices a robust multi-lane expressway for faster internet traffic. First came WiFi 6 – a spanking new and faster WiFi version that made an appearance in the market in 2019. Now, in April, after a unanimous vote, the FCC (Federal […]

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