3 common job interview questions for programmers

In recent years, the recruitment process has become increasingly complex and companies are looking for ways to save time when it comes to expanding their workforce. If before there were frequent jobs where experience was required, now there are many opportunities for those who are just starting out and want to develop their skills within an organization. This also applies to IT companies, where job offers are very attractive to both experienced programmers and those with basic knowledge.

During a job interview, a candidate will be asked questions about himself and especially about his skills. Companies that want to streamline the process of finding IT professionals are collaborating with IT recruitment agencies that will set up interviews only with the candidates who best fit the job offer.

What are the most frequent questions for programmers during a job interview?

Here are some of the frequently asked questions for programmers during job interviews:

1. “What programming languages can you work with and which one is your favorite?”

This question is essential for the employer to know if the candidate is suitable for the job. At this stage, the candidate will tell what programming languages he knows, such as Java, C ++, Python, etc. and which one he uses the most;

2. “Have you ever worked with the X programming language before?”

In the job description, candidates can find out what programming language(s) is/are required for that position. Now, potential future employees should talk about their experiences with that programming language and the level of knowledge they possess. They can talk about their previous experiences, about the courses they have taken and about any relevant activity that reflects their programming knowledge using the respective language;

3. “What is your ideal work environment?”

This question is common for most jobs, but it is important for employers in IT companies to find people who will adapt to the specific work environment of the organization since this aspect strongly influences productivity. Programming involves concentration, so some programmers know exactly what work environment they want to work in.

These were just three of the possible questions a candidate may be asked during a job interview for an IT company. Interviews are shorter and more effective if the candidates match the requirements of the job, which is why the services of recruitment agencies are becoming more and more popular.

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