Aerial Filming Technique

4 Benefits of Using the Aerial Filming Technique

Many people use filming to record entertaining content, film advertisements for product marketing, record weddings and celebrations, or capture other moments that can be of great value. And cinematographers use different angles to record a particular scene to make it look good, and one of these angles is the bird’s-eye-view which can make a moment look grand. It is also called aerial filming, a technique in which cameras and crew take a helicopter to record the scene from the top. 

The bird’s-eye-view is a great angle to record grand events like rock concerts, crowded places, recording animals in a forest, environment, huge landscapes, volcanoes, capturing a big property, etc. Meanwhile, there are two ways to record a scene from the top angle; you can either use a drone or a helicopter. And each of these techniques has some advantages and some disadvantages. As such, many people prefer helicopters to record these top angles because of all the benefits it has. 

So if you want to know about all the benefits of using the aerial filming technique, then you can refer to the following points:

Unique Film

Recording an event from the top angle can add some uniqueness to your video. For example, if you are shooting an advertisement video for a car in an outdoor location, you can add some interesting shots of the car from the top angle. This way, it will make the video appear grand and catch the viewer’s attention. This uniqueness will serve well for your product’s marketing. Meanwhile, in video content, the video’s visual appeal is of utmost importance; hence, you must include unique angles that can make your video stand out. 

High Quality

There is a noticeable rise in filming technology. Now, you can find advanced camera equipment, lenses, and helicopter attachments that can enhance your bird’s-eye-view shots, making them look grand and catchy. So you can make a high-definition 4K video and make your content the best quality with unique shots. You can even enhance the quality by using high stability cameras. Besides, the helicopters allow you to send camera operators who can direct the shots from above. 

Range Capability

With the help of drones, you get limited time and range within which you will have to record your shots. It is also dependent upon seasonal factors. For example, if there is a storm, the drone can get damaged and fall to the ground. However, if you use helicopters in place of a drone, it will record despite seasonal limitations. It also has a wide range of movement, as you can even take the helicopter to long distances and record a long shot. For example, if you have to record a time-lapse of a whole city from the top angle, you will have to use a helicopter because a drone’s range can not extend to such a high angle, and its battery won’t allow it to record such long shots. 

Versatile Shots

If a video is recorded from different angles, it gives the video more depth and flavour, making it attractive for the viewer to watch. For example, if you are recording a video of horse racing, you can take close-up shots of some horses and add some shots from a distant side view, and lastly, you can add some shots of a top view angle. And a combination of these three angles will give the video its depth and uniqueness. 

These points consist of all the benefits of using aerial filming techniques. Meanwhile, many companies specialise in aerial photography, and you can find them online and share your ideas to record advertisements or capture grand events. 

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