5 Best Mobile Apps for Sharing Large Files Instantly

You’ll never have trouble sharing large files with someone with the best file transfer apps for Android and iOS. It’s something we’ve all experienced. You’ve curated a document, edited a video, or manipulated an image, only to realize the file is too large for email attachments.

In the event that you want to share large files with others, how should you do it? No need to worry; there are plenty of apps available for Android and iOS that can help you send big files. Here are a few of the best.


While email can be used to share large files with some workarounds, it is not the best method for sharing large files. How do you define it? If you haven’t tried SHAREit yet, you should do so.

The SHAREit app allows you to transfer files over Wi-Fi. In addition to Bluetooth, the app allows files to be transferred up to 200 times faster between devices on the same network. With 42MB/s, no quality is lost during the transfer process. It takes less than 30 seconds to share a 1GB file.

In addition to sending long videos, sharing large files, and pushing music to friends, the app supports many file formats. A music discovery tool, as well as a video player, are also included in SHAREit. In addition to finding GIFs, wallpapers, and stickers, it is also possible to use them to find GIFs.

Send Anywhere

With Send Anywhere, you can transfer files over long distances and share them over Wi-Fi. You do not have to create an account to use Send Anywhere, unlike many other apps that can send large videos. Check out celebrity bio and trendingbuzz in the world using https://trendingbuzz.net/.

A six-digit key and SSL security are used instead to pair two devices.

Files can be shared simultaneously with multiple people using the app. You can transfer files to a specific device if your network has many Send Anywhere-enabled devices. An encryption key of 256 bits is used to send all files.


Xender is another excellent app for sharing large files. In addition to Android and iOS, it is also available for Windows, macOS, and Tizen devices. Some of Samsung’s wearables and smart TVs use an open-source Linux-based operating system called Tizen.

A wide range of file types can be sent via Xender, including apps, music files, PDFs, ZIP files, and even whole folders. With SHAREit, you can transfer files much faster than with Bluetooth.

Xender has some extra features that we particularly like. In addition, there is an MP3 converter that extracts tracks from videos and saves them as MP3 files and a social media downloader for saving and sharing videos from WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram.


Filemail is an app for sharing files. The email experience is as close as possible to what you would experience via email.

When you click the send button, a simple email link will be sent to the receiver’s inbox. Upon clicking on the link, the file will start downloading; you do not need to access a separate site to download the file. It is also possible for the receiver to download directly from the Filemail app if he or she has it installed.


It might be the best app for transferring files without an internet connection that Vivo makes. Files are transferred much faster through EasyShare even though it uses Bluetooth. In this case, if you require large files to be transferred without consuming mobile data, this is a good option. Easy Share is best worked with the gallery apps, and thankfully, Droidician has mentioned some of the best gallery apps for Android devices. 

Your contacts, photos, videos, files, and music can all be transferred with EasyShare. The receiver can scan a QR code, or a hotspot connection can be established through the app.

You can download the app for iOS and Android, and it supports cross-platform sharing. In addition to cloning your phone data, you can also restore your old phone data using this app. It is not necessary to limit the file size, but the devices must be within Bluetooth range in order to connect.

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