5 Proofing Tips to Use Before Signage Printing

Signage printing is the process of transferring your brand’s image onto a canvas that grabs the attention of your target audience. Vibrant signage prints increase your brand’s visibility while helping you with your business promotions and increasing sales. That’s why you need to have some knowledge before you think of printing signage. However, if you don’t have any prior knowledge, you don’t need to worry anymore, as this article contains proofing tips that you can use before signage printing.

After getting everything streamlined for your business promotion, you only need to do one thing: get your signage printed. But, before you think of printing signage, you need to have professional guides before you send in your designs. 

What Should You Do Before Thinking of Printing Signage?

Several factors go into your signage design, but getting that design appropriately printed should not be one of your headaches. Imagine finalizing a plan only to see that the final print is full of errors. No one would want to start from square one, right?

That is why it is helpful to work with a professional company. There are several sign products, like banners, backdrops, posters, window decals, wall decals, etc. Factors vary for each product. Signage printing experts help you answer every query. What image type do you want? What kind of material would you use? What color mode should be included? All these questions save you and the printing company valuable time and prevent disastrous outcomes.

So, here are a few signage printing tips to get extraordinary results every time.

Getting Service from Professionals

You might be planning on figuring signage printing on your own. After all, doing things on your own can save you money. However, figuring things out alone can be daunting, especially when you have zero guidance. What started great can turn into a nightmare with revenue losses.

 Low-quality signage is something you would never want for your company. It gives off a negative impression of your business, affecting your revenue and turning your customers away.

Making signage on your own is also not durable. That is because you don’t have the experience or the expertise to execute a good signage project. Your output will not be weather-proof or long-lasting too. Whatever you do, make sure to follow signage printing tips from professionals so they can help your brand stand out. It’s always the best idea to get service from a professional signage company instead of doing it on your own or hiring an unknown company.

Proofread Your Words

Before your signage design goes into printing, make sure that every element of the design is placed in the right way. If the layout of the words is not correct, they may give the wrong outcome in the signage print.

Hence, make sure that every spelling is correct. Even if your signage does not contain much text, the little text must have no errors. Even a slight error can question your business’s ability and challenge its integrity.

Take Care of Page Bleeding

Bleeding are the white lines around the border extending beyond your print’s frame. The solution to this problem is simple. You need to add in an extra 1/8 inch of your background color. The design is then printed onto the sheet, eliminating the “bleeding” appearance of the paper.

This is an excellent signage printing tip as it helps to retain all your elements in the design without distorting their size.

Fix File Resolution

Resolutions are an essential part of your signage printing. If you choose the wrong resolution, you will end up with pixelated images that look fuzzy and blurred. These signages can ruin your business’s reputation and give the wrong impression to your customers.

Hence, contacting a signage company and giving them your design in Vector form is best. Vectors are not like raster forms. They do not contain individual pixels that have individual color values.

Vectors have different mathematical functions for each line, polygon, or polyline within the design. These stores the values of the colors, so they retain the sharpness of your print no matter how big your print goes. Vectors are an effective way and help both the signage printing company, and you do not worry about the resolution.

Which Color Mode Should You Use?

You need to know about color modes. Since printers use the CMYK mode, you should also use the same in your designs. The CMYK color model is subtractive. CMYK stands for cyan, magenta, yellow, and K for key, which means black.  

If you use the RGB format, it can significantly impact the colors in your final print. These can appear washed out even if the printer converts the RGB to CMYK before printing the signage. Hence, it is best to make this change beforehand to steer clear of any problems.


Getting your way around signage printing can be difficult, especially if you’re new to your business. The best signage printing company can help you with all you need. Working with a professional company can save you time and effort that you can employ elsewhere to improve your business. Even if you are getting the services of a professional company, you need to be aware of these proofing tips that we have mentioned in this article, as they will help you in printing perfect signage.

Hence, these signage printing tips help you get on the right track and know every step of the process while you work with a suitable company for your printing needs.

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