5 Yoga Myths Debunked!


Yoga has transitioned from ancient spiritual art to a global phenomenon. If you are a regular practitioner of yoga then you are aware of the numerous benefits of yoga. Yoga can help you not just maintain good mental and physical well-being it also lets you connect with your true self. Unfortunately, there is still a lot of misinformation being spread which causes many people to avoid yoga.

If you have been in a familiar situation it is worth a shot checking out these myths.

5 Yoga Myths Demystified

Given below are five myths prevalent about yoga.

1. It Is All About Stretching

Although you might find yoga being only about physical asanas and stretching true yogis know it is much more than that. Yoga asanas form a small portion of the actual yoga practice. There is also the part about yoga philosophy, the science behind different yoga asanas, and making yoga a way of life.

In other words, the concept of yoga encompasses a whole range of techniques like breathing techniques, focusing techniques, meditation, and personal observance among others.

2. Flexibility Is a Must

Many potential yogis who practice yoga for stress and anxiety get the idea that yoga is for those with in-born flexibility. If you too have been in that place and assume that only flexibility and strength help you in yoga, think again. Improved flexibility and fitness are byproducts of regular yoga practice and not a must-have requirement.

3. It Is A Religion

Owing to its ancient Indian roots and ties with Hinduism yoga is often identified as a religion. Yoga is more of a laboratory experiment in which you are the subject and object. The goal of this practice is to unlock your true potential.

Yoga includes mantras, chants, and images which unlock the dormant potential of your body. However, yoga practice does not carry with itself any religious connotations.

4. Yoga Is Too Hard

If you have stayed away from yoga thinking it is too hard, you are wrong. Just thinking your body is not made to be that flexible you will miss out on its countless benefits. The idea behind yoga practice is never to force your body into performing a difficult yoga pose.

On the other hand, yoga encourages you to listen to your body and choose a yoga asana that feels the best for you. The regular practice of yoga for stress and anxietydoes wonder to help you keep your mind and body calm.

5. It Is Just A Fad

Yoga might appear to be a trendy workout that you think will be replaced by another workout regimen in the future it is far from the truth. Yoga has been around for centuries. Although books and magazines on yoga have just made their presence felt this art of unlocking your true potential will not go away anytime soon.


Yoga offers you a respite from the stress and anxiety of daily life. If you want to practice yoga for stress and anxietyit is important you learn it from a Yoga Alliance certified yoga school. These schools would debunk many other myths surrounding this ancient art.

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