6 Top SEO Tools For Higher Website Ranking

Is your start-up struggling to get a higher Google ranking? You might wonder if it is the content, but the truth is much different.

Ever heard of SEO? Short for Search Engine Optimization, SEO helps your brand survive the tough competition of the digital world and emerge on top.

However, for you to get your brand on top, you should know what tools to utilize to achieve the desired result.

The information below will help you understand how SEO tools help your website come on top and what tools are available at your disposal.

SEO Tools – A Brief Intro

Similar to a carpenter who has hammers, buzzsaw, and wrenches to create the best craft, your website needs a bevy of tools to get it on top of Google SERPs.

You might ask – 

How Would an SEO Tool Help My Brand?

An SEO tool provides your website with in-depth information like:

  • What keyword the website is ranking for
  • Backlinks
  • Site Traffic
  • Website’s ranking in comparison to the competitor
  • Overall site health
  • Site audit

Although some free SEO analysis tools help you get decent results, however, the benefits are limited.

To make it simpler for your business to thrive in this digital marketing world, given below are six powerful SEO tools.


The most powerful SEO tool which offers you high-quality data and analytics reports regarding the online performance of your brand website.

If you use AHREFs to improve the website’s SEO rankings, it will be a decision you would be proud of.

AHREFs offers countless features including smooth navigation. This SEO tool also offers in-depth keyword suggestions and research. It is also what makes it the perfect website audit tool.

Moreover, if you are someone who wants to build workable links, and understands SEO metrics, choose AHREFs.

2. BuzzStream

Do you want to do a bit of domain research and email marketing? BuzzStream is the tool to choose.

It is an all-in-one type of platform that fulfills your website’s SEO needs. BuzzStream provides you a combined list of results for the keywords you search for.

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Add to that, this SEO tool provides you in-depth information about the website’s overall ranking, social media accounts, and domain authority.

If you want to learn more about this powerful SEO tool, enroll in SEO job based training to learn from the best.

3. Majestic

The best SEO analysis tool out there to help your business thrive is Majestic.

It is one of the top backlink analysis tools which provides you with a macro and micro-level analysis of your website.

Some of the features of this powerful SEO tool include backlink analysis, link prospecting, easy navigation, and in-depth site exploration.

4. Moz Pro

Moz Pro is a suite of different SEO tools which help you handle website optimization by utilizing a data-based approach.

Although Moz Pro is similar to SEMRush, it helps you with long-tail keywords.

This information helps you avoid keywords with little potential for higher ranking. The tool helps you improve on what the competitor is doing.

Some features offered by this SEO tool include keyword suggestion, keyword search volume data, multiple keywords comparison, and on-page optimization data.

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5. Hubspot’s Website Grader

An SEO tool that offers you the most straightforward approach is Hubspot’s Website Grader. All you need to do is enter the domain and wait for HubSpot to generate a report.

The report generated provides you information on website performance, mobile-friendliness, SEO, and security. This report gives you a clear picture of how your site is performing from an SEO point of view.

Hubspot’s Website Grader gives you tips on how you can make improvements to the website to get the desired results.

6. Buzzsumo

The best SEO tool out there to help your business conquer the social media side of digital marketing.

Buzzsumo helps you identify current industry trends and topics with easy-to-understand data.

It is a powerful content research tool that provides you with real-time updates and backlink monitoring.

There it is! The six tools to help your business rank higher on Google SERPs.

SEO offers numerous techniques to help your business rank higher on Google and other search engines. However, for you to retain that position, you would have to use the SEO tools described above. Make sure you enroll in the best SEO course in Ambala to know all about them.

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