7 flowers that can easily be found on the roads of India

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You must have used the charm of flowers to surprise your dear ones through an online flower delivery in gurgaon or in their City. When it comes to sending flowers or gifts, there are a few popular flowers that are always high in demand by the customers. Roses, lilies, orchids, marigolds, carnations and chrysanthemums are such flowers that are popular for their charm. Besides seeing the flowers in lovely floral arrangements, we also come across several flowers while travelling; there are certain flowers that you would find on the roads of India or in your neighbourhood. These flowers are easy to grow and beautify the surroundings. So, let us know about some of the flowers that are found on roads of India;

Flaming trumpet

You must have come across these vines which are loaded with beautiful blooms of bright orange colour; the flaming trumpets are known for their love for the sun. They grow well under the bright sun and spread across their surroundings very rapidly. Thus, covering the area with their beautiful blooms. You too can grow it in your house or near the walls of your garden in order to decorate the walls from the ornamental vine.


Yet another very common flower to be seen across various houses in our surrounding is that of the bougainvillaea; they have three petals which are very fragile and resemble tissue in their structure, the petals have a sepal in the central part. These are ornamental vines that spread across the walls and fences of the houses, where they are planted. They bloom across various vibrant shades such as Maroon, magenta, white, orange and yellow.

Nerium Oleander

Commonly called the oleander, this flower is found in many houses as they are grown for beautifying the surroundings. An ornamental landscaping plant, the Nerium oleander grows best under subtropical climate; it gives out flowers of red, pink, white, yellow and orange colour that start blooming during the summers and continue to spread their charm throughout the mid-winter. They are quite easy to grow and look after. You too can grow them in your house or buy flower delivery in hyderabad online and make them a part of your garden.

Cascabel Thevetia

The Mexican oleander or the Cascabela Thevetia can be regarded as a small tree although it is actually a large shrub. They are also called yellow oleander owing to their bright yellow blooms which are often called peela Kaner. Not just yellow, the oleander grows in variations of orange as well. The leaves of the shrub are narrow and sleek which have a pointed edge. The flower is used to offer to the deities during religious ceremonies.

Lantana Camara

The Lantana Camara or the thick berry are ornamental plants that thrive well during cold climates; they can be grown indoors as well as outside in the garden too. It has a tubular-shaped flower that has four petals of the same shade or varying shades of orange, red, maroon, purple, pink and yellow. They spread rapidly and beautify their surroundings; however, they must not be consumed by the livestock as the flowers can be toxic to the livestock.

Peacock flower

Peacock flower or the Pride of barbados resembles the flowers of Gulmohar. Just like the Gulmohar, its flowers too grow in clusters. These flowers bring an array of colours through their vibrant shades. They bloom in a bright combination of red-orange and yellow. They can also be pruned into small trees.

Impatiens Balsamina

Impatiens or the touch me not are native to Myanmar. You can easily spot them on the roads while travelling across various parts of the country. The flowers have thick leaves which are arranged in a spiral pattern. Apart from this, there are four petals in the flower which bloom in Vibrant shades of Magenta, Maroon, purple, lavender and orange. The impatiens spread quickly, they start blooming in spring and flourish till the Fall.

You can order flower delivery in chennai online and bring the charm of flowers in order to decorate your house or to beautify the surroundings of your house. Besides this, you can also buy lovely floral arrangements or flower combos in order to express your love towards your dear ones and make them feel elated and adored.

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