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7 Ways AWS Training Helps You Boost your career in the cloud

AWS training and certifications are no cakewalk. They’re designed to offer validation to in-depth, comprehensive experience, specialist knowledge, etc., achieved through months of dedication to study and earn the certification even for IT professionals working in cloud computing profile. But the benefits that AWS-certified professionals make the effort feel worthwhile. Let’s discuss the top 7 ways AWS training can boost your cloud computing career and take you to new heights.

7 Ways AWS Training Helps You Boost Your Career 

  1. Certification in the AWS community

According to the latest survey done on the AWS community, numerous cloud professionals were asked about their thoughts on accreditation. About 54% of respondents had taken AWS training and certification at least for one course, and a further 26% revealed that they’re currently working towards getting their first AWS certification. With most professionals working in the AWS space already getting certified, and many more on their way, having an AWS certificate on your profile will help you stand out when it comes to landing the top cloud computing jobs.

  1. Increased curb appeal

Employers have high regard for IT certifications; Nine out of ten employers believe that AWS training and other certifications play a crucial role in the recruiting process and provide a great account of employee success. For hiring managers who have less technical knowledge, they’re an excellent shortcut that enables them to validate your cloud computing skills and easily qualify whether you’re a good match for the job role. Yes, they demonstrably prove your technical skills, but just having a certification of some kind will make you more attractive to a recruiter.

  1. Boosts your market value

AWS training & certifications don’t just assist you in getting ahead in the race of getting a job against other candidates. They can also get you a higher salary due to better skills. According to surveys, 47% of respondents stated that they received a salary hike after adding AWS credentials to their profile. Those who earned a hike post-certification reported an average salary raise of 28%. Even if your current company doesn’t hike your salary, having an AWS certification in your resume will more likely help you to negotiate a better deal when attending interviews for a new role.

  1. Getting more job interview calls 

AWS is undoubtedly the front runner in the cloud computing world, with a market share of approximately 33%. AWS’s competitor Microsoft Azure is a distant second, with around 18% market share. However, due to a 7-year head start in the cloud computing sector, AWS is ruling the public cloud space and is still growing rapidly. Also, more market share implies more clients, and more customers indicate more companies looking to recruit cloud professionals with AWS certification.

  1. Advancing your career

When ranking the aspects that were most vital for a successful career in AWS, the cloud professionals stated that experience in the IT sector (85%) and years of working with AWS itself (84%) are more crucial than a college degree in IT. In addition, more than 50% of AWS professionals rated AWS training & certifications as an essential contributor to achieving success in the AWS space, ranking them ahead of regular education by a large margin.

  1. Certification Validates Credibility and Expertise 

Trust and credibility are critical factors when it comes to proving your skills and expertise to future employers and clients. These attributes help AWS professionals develop and maintain relationships with their team members and employers. One of the easiest ways to prove expertise and credibility is to show a certification that demonstrates that you possess the required skills in a specific area of cloud computing. AWS training and certifications tell employers and customers that an employee has gone through in-depth training, and are capable of successfully deploying what is required.

  1. Improve your acumen in Cloud Computing

Never compromise on your quest for a thorough understanding of cloud technology if you want to improve your career prospects in cloud computing. You should thoroughly seek appropriate AWS training for every certification exam with dependable instructor-led training. In addition, a comprehensive review of AWS documentation and research on existing AWS solutions can help you strengthen your command over cloud skills and get better job opportunities and higher recognition.

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