A Guide to troubleshoot extender.linksys.com not working issue

Linksys is the well-known company to introduce the world’s fastest range extenders. Millions of users around the globe have multiple WiFi-enabled devices requiring strong and steady WiFi signals. Though it is a smart device still some users complaint that during Linksys extender setup process they are facing extender.linksys.com not working issue. To get this issue fixed, make sure that you have the correct URL. Besides, the internet browser you are using to access the web URL shouldn’t be loaded with junk files, cache, cookies, and browsing history.

Troubleshoot extender.linksys.com not working issue

Use the Correct Web Address

Make sure that the URL you are using to log in to your Linksys extender must not have any typos in it. The web address must be entered correctly into the internet browser’s URL field.

Connect your Linksys Extender to the Router

In order to make the web address working smoothly, it is important to connect your Linksys extender to your existing router using an Ethernet cable. You can also connect your Linksys extender to the router wirlessly.

Connect your Device to the WiFi Network

To access the web URL without any hassle, make sure you connect your WiFi-enable device (PC, laptop or smartphone) to the available and active WiFi network.

Linksys Extender Firmware Update is Must

To prevent any device-related issues, or to boost up your extender’s overall performance or to enhance its security, updating its firmware to the latest version would be a better option. Update its firmware and see if it has helped you in fixing extender.linksys.com not working issue or not.

Use the Correct Login Credentials

Make sure that the Linksys extender’s login credentials i.e. username and password you are using are valid and correct. On the off chance if you have changed the admin details of your Linksys extender, the default one will not work. So, ensure to use the correct one.

Use the Web Address Bar

In the event if you are using the web browser’s search bar to enter extender.linksys.com then it is obvious to encounter with the issue. So, to make things happening working smoothly avoid using the web browser’s search bar.

Still experiencing the same issue? Try to restart your devices, including router, modem, PC, laptop, smartphone, and Linksys extender. A simple restart can fix big issues with your Linksys extender.

To get the job done, do the following.

  • Turn off your devices.
  • Unplug them from their respective power outlets. For PC, laptop, or smartphone, shut them down.
  • Wait for 10-15 minutes.
  • Turn on your WiFi devices one by one.

The restart process is also known by the name of power cycle.

Use another Internet Browser

Opt for another internet browser to access the web URL. Check the URL prior to entering it into the web browser address bar. Close all the unwanted tabs (if opened). Open only one browser at a time for accessing the web URL without any hassle.

Use Linksys Extender IP Address

If the web URL is not working even after following the aforementioned steps, use the default Linksys extender IP address as a URL.


If you are using extender.linksys.com to login to Linksys router, then it will not work for you. The web address extender.linksys.com is used to log in to Linksys extender and is used for logging into Linksys router.


We hope that this tutorial has proved useful for you to fix extender.linksys.com not working issue? Just in case, the issue remains the same and you need immediate technical assistance, without much delay, get in touch with our technical department right away via comments.

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