About us

My name is Karan Goel and I am the one who writes articles on this website. I have good experience of learning the English language and through this blog, I want to share my knowledge too. An SEO expert takes care of the backend part of this website to avoid any latency and surfing issues of the website and keep it more user-friendly. I would like to thank you as well before proceeding to my blogging journey.

A few years ago when I started to work in a private MNC company, I came across the value of better English speaking skills to become successful in this competitive world. Most of the Meetings held in the company used to be in English. I used to face difficulties attending these meetings. Then, I began to start working at my comm skill so that I will have not to let down just because of not speaking a mere language. I started to work on the Grammar part first by myself, kept practicing it, listening to English shows & watching movies gave me wings to fly and I continuously kept growing up in this English-speaking journey. I learned a large no of English grammar topics to be sound more accurate while speaking.

Eventually, I realized that now I had enough knowledge that I could deliver to the people who were at the same stage that I had been a few years ago. But I did not have the source from which I could share my knowledge. Suddenly I met up with a person who was a blogger. I did not know what was it about. I surfed the same on Google and thought that it would be a good platform & after some time I made my personal blog.

Here, in Expertise Language, we always try to deliver the best we can do. We take care of our readers and never let them down. We know that English is not the first language of about 80% of people but on the other hand, it is a universal language also, which makes it a must-learn language for each individual. We deliver the contents in a very understandable language so that everyone can get that no matter at what level the person is in English Learning.

Our source of motivation is our readers and their appreciations and we write in this blog keeping readers in our mind.

A special thanks to all my leaders and Readers!!!