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Arlo Camera Keeps Going Offline – Troubleshooting Guide

When it comes to offering reliable security, one can blindly trust Arlo security cameras. The reason being they offer a wide variety of features that not only helps you to keep an eye on the incidents happening in and around your house but will also notify you when you’re not using the Arlo app in real time. For example, Arlo geofencing pings you when there’s an entry or exit within the decided area of your house. Well, enough praise! Now, it is time to discuss what this article is written for. Here, we’ve addressed the most common issue that Arlo users face – the Arlo camera keeps going offline. By any chance, if you are also facing this issue, consider walking through the tips highlighted here.

Why Arlo Camera Keeps Going Offline?

Learning the reasons causing the issue will help you address it more precisely. Given below are the most common reasons why an Arlo camera keeps going offline:

  1. Low battery is one of the dominant reasons why you are facing problems with your Arlo security camera.
  2. Your security camera might not be accessing the right network.
  3. The camera might also go offline if there is no internet connection.
  4. Too much WiFi interference can force you to face the problem.
  5. Your camera might be overheating.
  6. Technical glitches.

So, these were the reasons why your security camera might be going offline. Considering that you are well aware of them now, let’s walk through the techniques using which you can get the problem resolved.

Arlo Camera Keeps Going Offline: Solutions

  1. Since the loss of power was the first reason behind the issue you are facing with your security camera, consider charging its battery. If your security camera makes use of direct power, ensure that the chosen wall socket is well working.
  2. Make your camera access the correct network. The reason is, if you make your camera connect to some random network, you might face other problems along with the one you’re already facing.
  3. Be sure that your security camera is connected to the Base Station or main router properly. For this, it is very important that both devices are close to each other. Moreover, the camera must not be aimed at glasses.
  4. Your Arlo security camera is supposed to be placed away from devices emitting radiowave frequencies. It is because the camera won’t communicate with the Base Station or router as signals will get interrupted.
  5. If your Arlo camera is too hot, then it is a no-shocker that it keeps going offline. This is to inform you that the camera automatically shuts down when it gets overheated. So, wait for some time and let the camera return to normal working temperatures.
  6. Power cycling the camera can also help you do away with the problem you are facing. Therefore, if your camera uses a removable battery, remove it and connect it back after a few moments. However, if the device is wired, unplug it and plug it back in after some time.

We would like to inform you that the aforementioned techniques apply to all Arlo camera models no matter whether you’ve done Arlo Q camera setup or a baby camera setup.

Summing Up

That’s all about what to do if your Arlo camera keeps going offline. Here, you learned the potential causes behind the problem we discussed. You also get acquainted with the fact that internet connection and power are the major things that you need to ensure smoother Arlo camera functioning.

Additionally, if you want to avoid facing such issues in the future, consider upgrading the firmware of the camera as soon as a new version is available. However, if the issue is still adamant to leave your side, reset your Arlo camera.

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