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Structured Query Language, or SQL, goes back to as long as 50 years back when a computer scientist Edgar Codd from England, wrote a paper to describe a new language to sort data under databases. Today, almost all the data-related jobs out there utilize SQL. A user can get the best of the language via a SQL certification

Technical Advantages Of SQL

SQL as a technology is so big that its applications are not limited to computer science. Various uses of SQL have been discovered in healthcare, finance, retail et al. Some of the reasons as to why SQL is the preferred language are mentioned below: 

  • Combination Of Data From Several Sources

Combining data from multiple sources can be lethargic and tricky. Yet, it is a simple process by using SQL where users can combine not only complete databases but also merge parts of them. 

  • Free Of Cost

Apart from the SQL certification, everything else is entirely free as SQL is open source. It is implemented via XAMP/WAMP servers that are open source servers, meaning that a user does not require to pay for any tool to use SQL in practice. 

  • Management Of Heavy Amounts Of Data

When users have a massive assortment of information, it turns out to be truly hard for the customary data set programming to oversee them. For this situation, SQL goes about as a gift. SQL is entirely prepared to deal with an enormous measure of information. 

  • Ease Of Usage

SQL is the least complex programming language when contrasted with its peers. Without much of a stretch, one can become familiar with the nuts and bolts and basics of SQL inside up to 14 days.

  • Universal Applications

All tools for data visualization use SQL for their work. Consequently, learning SQL will assist a user with improving comprehension of every such tool.

  • Use With Other Languages

Users can use SQL questions to consolidate other programming dialects like PHP or Java, depending on the user’s prerequisite.

SQL Certifications For Your Career

You can gain a basic understanding of SQL from the following SQL certifications:

  • Azure Data Fundamentals (Microsoft)

Acquiring this beginner level certification from Microsoft approves your insight into information ideas utilizing Microsoft Azure information administrations, including how the data sets work with PostgreSQL and MySQL.

  • Database Associate (IBM)

IBM has three Certified Database Associate certifications for the individuals who need to exhibit their comprehension of the Informix or Db2 social information base administration frameworks. Essential information on SQL, data set creation, and security will help acquire the certificate.

  • PostgreSQL 12 Associate (EDB)

EDB’s PostgreSQL 12 Associate certification shows your comprehension of the basics essential to work with PostgreSQL workers. PostgreSQL is a social data set that is adaptable across huge associations.

  • MySQL 5.7 Database Administrator (Oracle)

The MySQL 5.7 Database Administrator certification requires one test, which will test your comprehension of MySQL, a social information base administration framework created by Oracle.

How To Learn SQL?

To get equipped with SQL, you must get a proper SQL certification. IT experts like Koenig Solutions have holistic courses covering all the crucial aspects needed to prepare for SQL in the real world. Hence, to comment on the common question of “Is doing a SQL certification will help you to get a job” the answer is yes. 

Skills For Learning SQL

A certain skill set is needed for a comprehensive understanding of SQL, as mentioned below:

  • Database

The database is a way to organize and sort data in an orderly manner. A brief knowledge of databases is necessary to understand SQL properly.

  • SQL

SQL, by extension, is genuinely adroit at working with a ton of data. SQL is even valuable for problematic data control.

  • T-SQL

Transact-SQL, or T-SQL, is a programming expansion by Microsoft and Sybase used to add highlights to SQL. 

  • SSIS

SQL Server Integration Service, or SSIS, is used to relocate data and information in a large number. 


The above information about SQL is enough to show that it is an essential and efficient tool utilized to its fullest potential by the tech world. Having an SQL certification is thus imperative for job seekers in the data world and a concrete career even beyond.

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