How to complete CA Foundation Syllabus in 60 Days

How to Complete the CA Foundation Syllabus in 60 Days?

CA Foundation syllabus covers different subjects such as Accounting, Logical Reasoning, Mathematics, Economics, Business Knowledge, Laws, etc. As we all know that ICAI provides a study period of 4 months, but due to the 12th board exams, students didn’t get that much to prepare. 

So, we have come up with effective tips to complete the CA Foundation Syllabus 2022 in just 60 days. Now, firstly aspirants should enrol in a good CA Foundation Coaching. Now, our recommendation will be the VSI Jaipur Institute which is among the best CA Coaching Institute all over India. 

In order to complete the ICAI Foundation syllabus in 60 days, you need to prepare and follow a study timetable, do revisions and solve mock test papers. You can devote the first month to cover the syllabus and the last month doing revisions and giving the mock tests.

Now, let’s check out the tips to cover the CA Foundation exam syllabus in detail and crack the exams in the first attempt. 

Effective Tips to Complete CA Foundation Syllabus in 60 Days

Before beginning the tips, students must understand that there are no shortcuts to complete the syllabus. At any cost, you need to go through all the topics and follow a proper study plan without expectations. So, we will discuss the tips from different sections where the students need to focus.

The first thing that a student should do is join a proper CA Foundation coaching. Joining coaching is important because self-study takes a lot of time, and students will not have that much time in the last 60 days. The next benefit is that you won’t be confused about the topic as the teachers can clear them out at any time. Moreover, the coaching institute will also provide study notes and conduct mock tests for better preparation.  

Tips to Cover the ICAI CA Foundation Syllabus

  • Divide the entire CA Foundation syllabus of May 2022 into several different parts. Keep the chapters with high weightage and low contents in different sections and then those with low weightage but high content in different ones. In this way, you will be able to cover the chapters with high weightage at first.
  • Instead of hard work, start doing the smart work. So, start with the topics that are easy to understand and do not waste hours and hours to understand the difficult topics. Instead, you can keep the tough topics for later on or understand those with the teachers.
  • Keep all the relevant things and the study materials ready with you. You should have references with you when you study a particular subject. Do not waste most of the time searching or looking out for any study materials while you are studying.

Students can download the latest and updated CA Foundation Syllabus pdf from the official website of ICAI. It is always advised to all the students that they should only prefer ICAI material for their preparation. 

Quick Revision Tips for the CA Foundation Syllabus May 2022 

  • Do not wait to complete the entire syllabus to start your revisions; instead, start solving the questions as soon as you complete one topic. Also, start solving the question papers of previous years to understand the exam pattern.
  • Manage the topics you need to complete and those you do not have to cover. It will help in refining the topics you have covered and thus help in quick revisions. 
  • At last, start solving the CA Foundation sample papers. But here, do not just give the test but also try to analyze your answer sheet. In this way, you will get to know which are the topics that you have to focus on more. Accordingly, you can prepare a short and quick revision from the same chapter.

How can VSI Jaipur Help in your CA Foundation Preparation?

A professional CA Institute is the first and most major thing that a student will require during their 60 days study period. To complete the CA Foundation syllabus May 2022 in the least possible time, CA Institute will help you out. Similarly, VSI Jaipur is the best destination where you can learn the concepts in less time.

So, let us go through the major features of VSI Jaipur that are helping the students to complete the preparation on time:

  • Timely Course Completion: VSI provides a timely course completion facility to the students. They take minimum time to complete the entire ICAI CA Foundation syllabus so that you can get enough time for revision and practice questions.
  • Frequently Mock Test: VSI Jaipur conducts frequent mock tests that include the proper questions from ICAI previous year questions and syllabus. Along with it, the mock test will help you to prepare for the exam and also in managing time in the exams.
  • Personalized Guidance: Every student in VSI Jaipur are provided with personalized guidance on the basis of their mock test results. Each student is provided with a different strategy to focus on their strong and weak points. According to the strategy prepared by VSI, students can prepare all the leftover topics as per their knowledge.
  • Versatile Study Notes: VSI provides versatile study notes for each CA Foundation subject to the students that are easy to understand. Also, these study materials are made with the reference to ICAI study materials. They include all the chapters in proper sequence in simple language.


Therefore, the students should not panic or get overconfident regarding the CA Foundation Preparation. A proper study plan and disciplined preparation will help in covering the CA Foundation syllabus on time.

So, overall 60 days are well enough to complete the entire CA Foundation course on time. Students need to go through the entire syllabus and distribute proper hours for each. At last, the revisions and the practice will tame you to grab the success.

So, never get worried that you started late or do not have time to complete the CA Foundation Syllabus. But just make sure that you are not waiting for the last month to begin your preparation.

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