Can You Get Divorced in Wisconsin without Hiring a Lawyer?

Some say that divorce is one of life’s most stressful milestones. If that sounds like you and your spouse, it might be time to take some steps towards filing for divorce. But before you decide to commit yourself to the paperwork and court fees, it’s important to consider if a lawyer can help. You can easily find a lawyer in Wisconsin by searching “Wisconsin divorce lawyer near me” on your search engine. Yes, if you are facing a high-conflict divorce in Wisconsin and your spouse is unwilling or unable to cooperate in reaching an amicable settlement, then a lawyer might be necessary.

But even if they do agree on all terms, there are many reasons why hiring a lawyer might not be necessary. And no matter what side of the fence you fall on, it’s worth considering all your options before taking legal action. So get out there and start building those skills!

You can proceed with the divorce without a lawyer. Unlike many other states, Wisconsin requires no mandatory legal training before you begin the divorce procedure. In other words, you can file for divorce without ever handing over a cent to a lawyer. 

Although your case will be heard in front of a judge instead of a jury, the court hearing will require all the same submission and evidence as if you had hired an attorney. For those who have already had an unpleasant legal experience and just want to move on with their lives, this is great news! If you’re in short supply of cash or simply want to avoid spending money on lawyers who don’t always provide useful advice (although necessary), then filing for divorce yourself is definitely worth considering.

Divorcing without Hiring a Lawyer in Wisconsin

Getting divorced without a lawyer is now easy. You can file for divorce on your own, but only if you and your spouse are in total agreement through the entire process. That means both of you must sign the same paperwork. If you’re on opposite ends of a messy divorce, this might not be possible.

However, in Wisconsin, you still have an option to file for divorce without a lawyer, although it can be a slightly more tedious and complicated process. In some small claims, you can file a complaint about divorce. The complaint will ask the court to assign your spouse a lawyer and set a trial date. If you are able to reach a settlement with your spouse and don’t have any children, then you’ll be able to file for divorce without hiring a lawyer or engaging in legal action.

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