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Cereal Boxes Are Failed To Make a Good Position ?Why

Cereals are the best way to make a healthy start to your day. Everyone likes them. Especially kids love to eat them the most. Due to an increase in the demand for this food item, several brands introduce their cereal products every day. As a result, they have increase the competition across this market segment. The item is pack in attractive cereal boxes to increase the interest of consumers. High-quality material and advance printing are use to make this custom food packaging. Despite these efforts, sometimes cereal boxes fail to make a good position in the market. There can be several reasons behind this. For example, the customers might be unsatisfy with the quality of custom box packaging or its printing is not up to the industrial standards. Another reason may be that the cereal brand is unable to establish its position among a group of strong competitors. Here we are going to analyze why most cereal boxes fail to make a good position in the market:

Cost of Cereal Boxes 

Cost is one of the biggest concerns for every business. Stand-up pouches use for custom cereal packaging have a big advantage over cardboard cereal boxes mainly because of their cost. A Custom-print stand-up bag can be bought for 15 to 20 cents. It is nearly half of the cost of a cereal box blank which comes at 35 cents. Although the storage and transportation cost for both types of packaging is minimal, stand-up bags have a little more advantage due to their lightweight, slim structure.


A team of researchers conduct a study on food boxes in 2011 and conclude that recycle cereal box packaging is not safe to use. Although recycling gives you several benefits, it is comparatively unsafe for food packaging. On the other hand, stand-up bags and similar cereal packaging are made from the FDA’s approve materials. They are test to pack different types of food products. Moreover, these custom boxes are not resealable. Therefore, they may spoil the quality of cereals when expose to moisture. With the increase in health concerns, it is becoming one of the main reasons wholesale cereal boxes fail to make a good position in the market.

Product Information of Cereal Boxes 

Boxes of cereal are cuboid in shape. Their four sides do not permit to display of expansive artwork and lengthy details. In comparison, other types of cereal packaging like stand-up pouches feature a broader front and back. The area can be utilize effectively for intricate artwork. Such a large space allows the brands to include almost all details, including ingredients, nutritional value, and other important data. It’s an important reason why some plain cereal boxes fail to establish a good market position. However, some brands work exceptionally on custom design cereal boxes to make them highly attractive to consumers. As a result, it’s the cardboard boxes still being use today.

Chances of Visibility

The custom boxes for cereals should be design to increase the visibility of your products. The majority of cereal companies use cardboard packaging for their brand. They are design in the same way by using many colors, graphics, and animations. As a result, most custom cereal boxes lose their visibility in the marketplace. The best way to make them more visible is to design them versatilely. Cardboard cereal boxes can only stand on shelves, whereas alternatives like pouches and paper bags can also be hang on hooks or place on different display stands. It makes them highly noticeable to the passing customers.

Lack of Advance Features

When it comes to wholesale food boxes, the businesses have several options. However, the one design without implementing any advance features lacks far behind in the race. As a result, they fail to make a good impression of their brand in the market. Some interesting choices include transparency window, die-cuts, handle, a resealable liner, etc. Transparency or a die-cut pattern lets customers view the actual product from the outside. Handle or a sneak peek makes the package easy to carry. A resealable liner is perfect for designing personalize cereal boxes. They prevent the food from getting expose to moisture as well as special lamination effects can be add to increase their finish. All such features give a more professional look to your packaging. and help make your brand stand out.

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