Choose OR Chose

These two are different forms of two verbs where Choose is always used in the present tense and Chose is always used in the past tense. So, let us take some examples to check if it is Choose OR Chose

So, if the sentence is in the present tense, use Choose whereas if the sentence is in the past tense, use Chose.

Choose : Choose means to pick from many options and always used in the present tense. (chooses is used with the third person singular subject. eg. he/she/it.)

Examples: 1. I have to choose at least one career between Job or a Business.

2. She chooses to go for walk instead of going to a movie.

3. There are too many options to choose from.

Chose : Chose is the second form of verb and used in the past tense. Lets take some examples of it :

Examples: 1. I chose to wear the jacket as it was very cold yesterday.

2. He chose to get back home on Sunday as he had to go to the office on Monday.

3. I chose to spend my weekend at Shimla and this was a great decision.

So, this is the basic difference between Choose or Chose. Let’s take a combined example of these two to better understand :

Example: I will choose a personal vehicle to go to New Delhi, as last time I chose public transport and it made me very late for an office meeting.

Choosing and Chosen (Present and Past Participles)

Let’s discuss two more variants of this word: the present participle “choosing” and the past participle “chosen.” We use present participles in the continuous tenses to describe an action that occurs over a period of time. For example, we might say:

am choosing where to go for an outing.

Here in this sentence “am choosing where to go” shows that a decision is currently being made.

On the other hand, Past participles, are used in the perfect tense. For example:

had chosen where to go, but then I decided to stay home instead.

Here, the past perfect “had chosen” shows a decision was made in the past (i.e., where to go) before something else happened (i.e., deciding to stay home).

Choose or Chose ?

Choose = Simple present tense

Chose = Simple past tense

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