Choose Water Jetting To Unblock Your Drains!

Everyone needs to be in a clean and decent environment. Plumbing services are vital for the cleanliness of each residential home as well as commercial premises. Dirty drains are always awful due to the pungent effluent emanating from them, attract rodents and other destructive animals and insects and can clog leading to leakage and flooding of the rooms.

Depending on the property in question, Boise plumbing service may be needed on a monthly basis, biannually or three times every year. This calls for an efficient, effective and faster way of cleaning the drains. Traditional methods such snaking out are labour-intensive, less effective and time-consuming. Water jetting is a new and efficient method of cleaning of drains.

What is Water Jetting

Before the invention of the water jetting method of cleaning drains, plumbing companies relied on a snakelike, motor driven device that spins a cable with a rotatory sucking head. It was introduced into the drains and pushed until it hit the clog and then sucks it out. The problem with is that its vibrations and spinning movements weakens and damages the drains with time.

Water jetting on the other hand uses high pressure water jets, a completely different and more efficient mechanism than the traditional snaking out device. The water jetting device is also machine operated. It is mounted on a platform with a water tank, its own power system and a long pressure hose pipe. You’ll tend to find that a drainage company in London, or anywhere else in the UK for that matter, will use water jets in their unblocking services.

How Does Water Jetting Work

The mechanism of action of water jet resembles that of the regular pressure washers you used to clean your drive or walkways, except that it uses a hose pipe instead of a gun. The end of the hose pipe has a metallic finishing made of stainless steel, and studded with variable numbers of tiny holes to ensure that the water produced under pressure is sprayed in all directions.

The pressure with which water is ejected by water jets can be as high as 5,000 PSI (per square inch). This ensures that all the dirt, sludge, mud and any other particles that may clog the drainage lines is blown away. This leaves your drainage system as clean and as fresh as new. The process takes only a few minutes, but the results are superb.

Although this might sound simple, it requires a lot of training and experience to utilize. A water pressure that is too low for the system in question could prove disastrous. Using too high a water pressure setting can lead to long-term drainage system problems, but the opposite is also true: underestimating the pressure can cause drainage to become blocked and would leave large amounts of water accumulating in the drains. The blockage can then be harder to remove at a later date.

Water Jetting is Low Maintenance 

The beauty with water jetting is that you may need to only clean your drains once or maybe twice a year. The traditional methods of drainage line cleaning can lead to faster deprecation of the plumbing materials and therefore faster damages to the system. This maintains the integrity of the drains and keeps them clean. Furthermore, it saves you money that you might have otherwise used in hiring the services of plumbing service companies several times a year.

Be quick to act on your dirty drains

These benefits make water jetting the best option in drainage cleaning. If you are a homeowner or a real estate proprietor; you need a faster, efficient, affordable and easy means to clean, unclog and maintain plumbing in your property. Look no further than water jetting. You only have to contact plumbing companies and get them to come and sort you out.

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