Choosing An Air Cooler Over An Air Conditioner: The Advantages

An air conditioner or an air cooler can provide relief from the heat. It is essential to choose the right device when buying one. Both have their advantages. Many potential buyers are confused as a result. It is crucial for buyers first to understand what is and what is.

You are not the only one confused about an air conditioner and an air cooler. This article will help you understand the differences between an AC cooler and an air conditioner so that you can make the best decision. Continue reading!

Air Conditioners Vs. Air Coolers – This Is How To Decide

An air cooler costs less to operate than an AC, not just in terms of the purchase cost. An air cooler uses up to 80% less electricity than an AC. An air cooler uses 30% less power than a ceiling fan.

Air Coolers Don’t Require Any Installation

You don’t have to install an air cooler before you can use it. To instantly feel cool air, simply fill the tank with water and press the power button. Air conditioners can only be used once they have been installed. For split ACs and window units, you will need to adjust the wall and window. To ensure the operation is smooth, you may need additional wiring or a stabilizer.

Air Coolers Need Less Maintenance

This is not about cleaning maintenance. The working method of an air cooler is what we are referring to. It requires that you fill it with water constantly. The coolant for an AC cooler is water. If you don’t fill the tank, it won’t cool down. An AC is equipped with refrigerant to provide instant cooling. For long-lasting performance, you need to have the AC serviced once or twice per year.

Coolers Are More Eco-Friendly 

An air cooler draws in outside air and allows it to flow inside via water-soaked cooling pads. The air cooler fan blows cool air through the pads, which are soaked with water. The compressor generates heat by using the inside air in an air conditioner. This makes the outside environment warmer. The coolant used by an air cooler is water. This is safe for the environment. However, AC coolants can cause global warming.

Coolers Provide Fresh Air

A heat cooler circulates the fresh air and pulls outside air to cool down. An AC cools the air by using inside air. Air coolers don’t have the same freshness as ACs. This is why air coolers have been deemed safe for Asthma patients and Dust allergy sufferers.

Coolers In Rural Areas Are In High Demand

Air conditioners are more affordable in rural areas than they are in urban areas. However, rural people are less likely to be able to afford modern coolers that are easy to use and much more efficient. Air coolers work in rural areas due to their larger spaces and wider coverage than in urban areas. Rural areas have a higher chance of receiving fresh air and better quality air.

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