Compare And Get Much More Out Of Your Swiss Health Insurance Premium In 2022

Comparing while picking up your compulsory health insurance in Switzerland is very important. Models and policies may be varied, and so your requirements. Also, the medical conditions are not the same or predictable. Comparison gives you the best option out of many. Let’s get into it! In this article, you will learn how to compare and get much more benefits out of your health insurance premiums offer in 2022.

Learn the Fundamentals

First, you need to get a basic understanding of the terminologies used in the comparison. You need to know how each process works and how it may affect your budget or give you significant benefits. 


The amount you will pay to the insurance provider before they bear your medical expenses.

Supplemental insurance

Supplemental services are an add-on to Basic health insurance with enhanced features. Supplemental insurance may vary from provider to provider; insurance like eye care, body massage, accident insurance comes under the supplemental services or features.


It is 10% of the cost your insurance provider pays for your medical treatment. The policyholder pays it after every treatment. 

Go To Any Comparison Site You Like 

Search online, and you will get many comparison sites for health insurance comparison in Switzerland. Here you can easily compare health insurance premiums and features or services provided by all the insurance service providers in Switzerland. You can get free quotes and study in detail which plan suits you the most. Let’s see how an online comparison works. 

Select Coverage 

Select your coverage. You can pick different coverage offers according to your current medical condition and, of course, your budget, adding all the necessary attributes in your comparison with proper consideration of your needs. The coverage offers are designed to attract customers even if they do not need that. So be very precise with selecting your coverage. The total annual cost will highly depend on the coverage you selected. It can be changed with a minimum duration of one year (from starting date of your insurance); you can terminate it after one year.

Enter your details, and pick the deductible and insurance model 

Now you are asked to add some personal information. The system will analyze your data and fetch the best-suited offers for you. Personal information should be authentic and transparent. The data will be confidential and can’t be used for any other purpose. You should provide real data to get real results. Picking up your deductible is the next sub-step here; always try to get the highest deductible for you as it helps you save up to 50% annually. Then finally, you are required to select your insurance model. There are four models available for basic compulsory health insurance. The standard model is the least expensive, but picking up the expensive models can help you save big annually for the long run. 

Choose Benefits that suit your requirements

After going through the model and deductible, another important step is to choose the extra benefits that suit your requirements. Keep in mind that you’ll pay for these benefits separately, but they are mandatory to have, although the number of benefits can be of your choice. Pick only the benefits necessary; avoid keeping a lot of extra benefits. It is suggested to keep minimum benefits because they are usually wasted at the end of the year.

Request Free Quotes 

After entering all the required data, you will get the best-shortlisted insurance providers list. Review all and find the most suitable for you. Remember, the results are entirely based on the information you provided to the system. The algorithm will crawl the web and eliminate all the providers automatically that are a mismatch to your entered details. The algorithm will match your requirements with the insurance providers’ offerings and will fetch the most nearly matched data for you. You can request free quotes directly after getting a precise list of insurance providers.


Running a comparison is one of the best ways to get the best results online. Make sure you understand the basic terminologies discussed above in the article. Also, providing authentic information is the key to unlocking the best providers’ list for you to get maximum benefits from your health insurance premiums to offer. Be very clear while selecting the plan, coverage, model, and deductible because you can’t experiment with them as they will be your unreplaceable choices for at least one year. We hope you like this article. If you want to get a detailed explanation of the fundamentals of Swiss health insurance terminologies? Then you can visit our other articles that are research-oriented and will give you highly authentic and valuable information.

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