“Conditional Sentences”

What actual conditional sentences are : Whenever the happening of any event is based upon the action of the other event, then it is called a conditional sentence. We will always see “If” in this type of sentence

We are having four types. So, just take a look on each one of them :.

Sentence structure : If/when + present simple, present simple

Type 0: This type is related to those events wherein we speak about general truths, a condition or action happening of which is feasible/possible. (Reality-based).

Let us see some following examples.

Example: 1.If you speak the truth, everyone appreciates you. (It is a general saying which is possible even to happen).

2. If we obey our parents, we are blessed.

3. If we study, we succeed.

4. If we angry, we loose control our ourself.

Sentence structure : If + present simple, will/may/might/could. (Here we use “will” for the sure result where may/might/could give the idea for possible situations).

Type 1This type is related to those events wherein we do not speak about any general facts rather we discuss the likely results of an action. Moreover, the condition is also possible and not hypothetical.

Example: 1. If it rains tomorrow, I will have to call out of work. (Here, the condition is not hypothetical and happening of which depends upon the rain).

2.If you are with me, i could conquer the world.

3. If i do not come to office, my work will be done by some another person.

4. If you go out along with a umbrella, you will not be drenched in rain.

5. If i have extra money, i could give it to you.

Sentence structure : If + past simple, would/could.

Type 2.This type is related to those events wherein we speak about the hypothetical condition of the present but these conditions are not impossible to happen in the future.

Example: 1. If I lived in France, I would speak french. (Here, doer tells about speaking of french if lives in France, so the condition is hypothetical in the present as he is not living there but maybe in the future he would live in France and would be speaking french).

2. If I were the manager in your company. I would hire talented people for my team.

3. If i had laptop, i could make a website for you.

4. If i were a actor, i would have a big fan following.

5. If i had car, i could drop you at your house.

Sentence structure: If + past perfect, would have/could have + v3

Type 3. This type is related to those events wherein we speak about the hypothetical conditions that have not any existence with possibility. (We see a sense of ‘regret’ in this type).

EXAMPLE 1. If he had told me about this earlier, I could have saved him. (But he did not tell me and he has stuck now. Nothing can be done now).

2. If he had given me access to his computer, I would have installed it for him.

3. If the doctor had come on time, patient could have saved.

4. If i had been there with you, i would not have happened this.

5. If he had come earlier, he would not have gone alone.

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