Difference between “Has been & Having been”

Has been”

Rule 1. : We use has been where the sense of duration of time is there and tells about the happening or not happening of a particular event since the beginning of that duration.


Let us see a few examples that can help you to make understand this more effectively ;

  1. It has been 2 hours since you there.
  2. It has been a long ago since i met you.
  3. You have not been in study since last month.
  4. She has been a teacher since last one year.
  5. It has been long not seeing you.

Rule 2. : (Has been also used in the present perfect continuous tense which will be described in the upcoming articles.)

“Having + been/Having + V3

Having been is come from the structure having + V3 as “been” is the third form of verb “be”( be, was, been).

Rule 1 : This form is used where we need to mention the duration of time after a certain event completed in the past.

EXAMPLES : Just have a look on below mentioned examples to make the grip on structure :

1.It has been two years having met you.
2.It has been two months having seen Rahul.
3.It has been six months having gone office.
4.It has been more than 4 years having passed out college.

Rule 2 : Another way to use this form is where a action has taken place before another action starts.


1.Having watered the plants, he went for gym.
2.Having done his work, he felt relaxed.
3.Having been a private worker, i know how to deal with pressure.
4.Having seen the boy, she decided not to marry him.
5.Having left her house, she realized what shameful act she did.

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