Document Verification and How to prevent document fraud

On the 11th of January, CNN Justice reported that the federal government had detained more than 60 persons in 17 states for allegedly submitting fake paperwork. Similarly, on January 16, 2012, the Saipan Tribune publish a report on a lady who was detain on charges of immigration document fraud. So many companies to eliminate document fraud use document verification services.

Aside from the two incidents mention above, thousands more cases of document fraud and counterfeiting are recorded every month. Documentation fraud is becoming a big problem in both the job and immigration sectors.

The shortage of employment prospects, as well as heightened educational and employment standards by businesses, are the reasons why crime is on the rise all across the world. Every employer today requires real, fair, and courteous employees who will eventually turn a profit. They are searching for persons with the best educational background for the position, significant experience working in a similar capacity, young people to improve their general energy level, legal status employees with no criminal record, and they are also interested in credit scoring.

Employers seek 100 per cent or, in other words, a SUPERMAN employee. As a result of this situation, job applicants are falsifying their birth documents, purchasing phoney degrees and diplomas, and obtaining counterfeit licences, among other things. In recent years, the risk to employers has risen dramatically.

How to Prevent Document Fraud by Verifying Original Source Documents:

Document fraud can be carry out in a variety of ways. I’ll show you how fraud occurs and how it can be identified in the sections below.

The following are the most common types of document fraud:

1.  Impostors – the person in possession of these documents appears to be the rightful owner (Passports, Identity Cards, Driving License etc)

2.  Counterfeiting – Creating a document from the ground up – (Educational diplomas, degrees, birth certificates, licenses etc)

3.  A real document that has been tamper with is refer to be a forgery (Resumes, experience certificates, etc)

Verification of Original Source Documents

The process of checking that documents submit by prospective employees are legitimate and that the holder is the rightful owner is known as document verification. It’s an important aspect of the pre-employment and immigration screening processes. Staff in charge of document inspection should have the requisite knowledge and instruments to ensure authenticity and spot basic forgeries.

The following are some of the advantages of document verification:

1.  A workforce that is legal, socially identified, and extremely qualified.

2.  Employees who are the most educated, appropriate, and relevant to the environment.

3.  Prospects for a company that is experience, skill, and truthful.

4.  The increased overall productivity of the workforce

5.  Improved workplace security

6.  Fraud puts yin at danger of being catch.

7.  A better employee increases the company’s value in the eyes of its competitors.

8.  Employers can easily avoid hiring new illegal aliens because doing so exposes them to sanctions and criminal charges.

Finally, I’d like to make a few observations.

Employees are an organization’s asset, and any company that wishes to acquire a highly valuable asset must conduct pre-employment document verification before recruiting a local candidate or an international immigrant. To keep a workplace safe, healthy, and thriving, it’s critical to avoid risk.

Verifying the original source document is a difficult task. Only document verification experts can accomplish it properly since they have all of the necessary instruments for document check. They are also familiar with all of the procedure’s requirements and reservations.

Employers don’t have time to set up an extra team for this, therefore outsourcing is the ideal method to achieve the greatest outcomes in the shortest amount of time. Employers should use background screening and primary source document verification companies. Their expertise will not only add value to your work, but they will also instill trust in your personnel.

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