Fire Watch Process- The Layout

Fire clock system template is a required program in case your fire alarm system or water-based spraying system fails. Your fire alarm system can include: fire alarm panel, smoke or heat detection systems, water-based spray systems, and fire alarm notification system.

More firefighters will be deployed to all buildings, and staff / residents will be notified of Fire Watch Guards services.

In the event that any part of your fire notification system is malfunctioning, it is your responsibility to notify your department immediately and to send firefighters if evacuation takes more than 4 hours within 24 hours.

As a building manager, it is also your responsibility to have a solid system and Fire Safety Services ready for these situations. Your defense system template must include the following policies:

A written plan posted and available to all staff areas.

Any employee performing firefighting duties must receive full training and maintain the required certification as required by the government.

Designated specialist trained in rescue, alarm, containers, and exit / exit procedures (RACE) to meet the requirements of a universal fire alarm.

A fire record that should be reported for the entire clock and the date, time, and initials of the person (s) making the clock.

An ongoing fire clock with trained guards everywhere affected by the disconnection of the warning system. These people will act as firefighters, record all movements and report accidents immediately as described in the fire monitoring system.

Your security system template should include some variations of the following instructions on what to do in the event of a fire alarm system:

Any detection of smoke while monitoring a fire alarm should immediately begin a fire safety program.

The building manager is contacted to report any problems with the fire alarm system.

If the site manager is unable to fix the problem, the fire alarm company should be notified and sent for repair.

The local fire department should be informed that the fire alarm system is not working properly.

If the alarm system does not work for more than 4 hours in 24 hours, certified fire alarm personnel should be called.

The fire monitoring system will identify the affected areas.

Fire watching tours will be conducted continuously in the affected areas, usually for about 30 minutes day and night.

Fire clock functions should be performed by dedicated guards without any other duties or responsibilities.

Fire Watch Guards are given access to all areas of the building (s).

Firefighters are provided with reliable means of 9-1-1 communication in the event of an emergency.

A thorough inspection of all rooms, stairs, and dressing areas should be done at least every hour.

Repair workers should be present in the area or where they are called for emergency dispersal.

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