Get Started Into Fashion Merchandising Course For Beginners In 2022

What is Fashion Merchandising?

Fashion Merchandising is a vibrant amalgamation of art with business. Its objective is to attract customers and hence boost sales using the following steps:

  • Classifies the ideal product mix and that too in appropriate quantities
  • Present it at a suitable time to the right market for the apt target audience at an attractive price 
  • Supporting it through impactful advertising as well as attractive displays etc. 

Merchandising also involves varied activities including special offers, free samples, display techniques, shelf-talkers, on-spot demonstration, and other point-of-sale routines. Merchandising plan is dependent on season, culture, and climate besides the choice of retailer, available space as well as the kind of merchandise that is being sold. 

Fashion merchandisers not only work with apparel but also with accessories, cosmetics, jewelry, and shoes for both men and women. In addition, fashion merchandiser has to decide on final purchasing and stocking besides forecasting sales. Nowadays, merchandising as a discipline has become more complex involving the managing of multiple functions in the fashion industry. 

Key skills required:

  • Well developed quantitative skills so as to correlate sales and stock figures 
  • Confidence & Courage
  • Capable of analyzing and understanding trends and predicting consumer wants and behaviour in order to maximize sales 
  • Capability to cope with pressure
  • Team working skills
  • Communication & Networking skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Computer skills
  • Ability to take fast decisions
  • Organizational skills.

Preparations to enroll in Fashion merchandising course:

If you want to register for Fashion Merchandising, then you should get an early head start: 

  • Start preparing from high school  
    • Learn to sew fast
    • Enhance your creativity and sketching skills. Increase your understanding of colours, textures, and patterns
    • Get competencies in visual design software like Photoshop, CorelDraw, Xara, etc. 
    • Augment your understanding of Art and Fashion Design, trends, etc. from blogs, fashion shows, and magazines
  • Prepare for relevant entrance exams as well as interviews and group discussions. 
  • Complete your 12th from any stream
  • Identify the ideal course and the college you will like to take admission to. And work to fulfill the eligibility criterion
  • Do a Fashion Merchandising Course from a college that offers: 
    • A three-year undergraduate program in Fashion, Lifestyle, and Luxury business so as to empower today’s youth to think innovative concepts that will leave an everlasting impact. 
    • Experiential learning through industry-oriented programs, live projects, and internships. Thus exposing students to diverse perspectives
    • Master class with industry professionals so as to not only have an enhanced understanding of Fashion Eco System but also for a successful learning experience.
    • Curriculum that offers an understanding of new and upcoming trends, materials, techniques in addition to developed as well as emerging Fashion, Lifestyle & Luxury markets. 
  • Competencies in new software 
  • Capability to analyze and research trends and data analysis
  • Accredited certification recognised in both domestic and international market 
  • Comprehensive placement program.  

So don’t sit back, just sign up for the Fashion merchandising course.   

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