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Guide to Buy Silk Mark Certified Saree Online in India.

The love and craze for silk sarees in India are everlasting. The silk sarees have huge appeal and it is one of the most popular drapes which women across all ages are embracing. The silk saree is one of the most popular Indian ethnic wear outfits for women, which holds pride and prestige among the wearer. Therefore, you must buy a silk mark certified saree. 

Below, we have listed out points that you must consider when buying silk mark certified saree online in India.

Top 5 Things to Consider while Pure Silk Mark Certified Saree 

Check for Sheen on the Fabric

One of the most important traits which differentiate a high-quality silk saree is lustrous. A pure silk saree holds the natural sheen on the fabric, attracting its wearer. There is always a luster on the material which attracts its wearer. Try to avoid getting fooled by the loud artificial gleam you must find in these synthetic silk saree. 

Check the Certified Silk Mark

One of the most crucial things to consider while buying the pure silk saree in India is always looked for the government-accredited hallmark necessary for the silk mark certified saree. The mark indicates that the silk saree you are going to purchase is made from pure natural silk that India’s silk mark organization handles.

Check for the Color of the Saree 

The colors on the pure silk are more advanced than other light silk saree. You will find a blend of both dark and soft colors. The fiber of pure silk fabric absorbs these colorful dyed more accurately than the other variety of silk, and the absorbed colors are more crass and loud. Variety of pure silk saree makers also used an assortment of colorful threads which is being inserted at the time of weaving the particular saree. 

Feel the Fabric 

Most of the pure silk saree wearers can easily figure out the quality of silk saree after touching it fabric. A high-quality silk mark certified saree comes with a soft mushy fabric uniformly smooth from every area. It is also said that a pure silk saree is more delicate than the skin thus, you will not find any coarseness to the material. Therefore, you must buy silk mark certified saree online. The impact on the pure silk saree must ensure the assurance that you are purchasing a genuine saree. 

Check the Weight of Silk saree 

One of the most debated concerns where people are always stuck is the weight of a pure silk saree. One of the most common questions you find among the pure silk saree buyers is the weight of the saree. Some said that the good quality pure silk saree is light on weight. On the other hand, people say that a pure silk saree is usually a bit heavy on weight.

Where to Pure Silk Saree online in India? 

If you love to flaunt these pure silk saree, then it is, therefore, necessary that you must buy them from a natural source. If you talk about my experience, I suggest you visit Kutchibazaar. You will find the best ethnic pure silk saree, which are available both online and offline. Kutchi bazaar is specialized in selling handmade Indian ethnic wear clothes for women, which shows the art and culture from the state of Gujarat. Some of the famous silk saree collections involve bandhani saree, ajrakh saree, shibori saree and a wide variety of handmade batik saree online to buy in India.

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