Hidden Tactics to Fix TP-Link Extender Keeps Rebooting Issue

TP-Link extender keeps rebooting is one of the most annoying issues that users often come across. It not only affects the extender’s performance but, also ruins the internet-usage experience. If you are also going nuts due to the same problem, this article will help you overcome the misery. Because here, we will provide you with a list of different TP Link troubleshooting hacks that will fix the issue in a jiffy. Continue reading.

Fixed: TP-Link Extender Keeps Rebooting

  • Check Power Supply

Before you do anything else, pay attention to the wall outlet being used to supply electricity to your extender. Perhaps, it is short-circuited. So, do yourself a favor and cross-check for the same. Just in case our assumption comes true, get the current wall socket repaired.

You can also choose to plug your TP-link extender into another wall outlet to ensure a consistent power supply. If doing so fails to deliver any positive result, then give a read to the next troubleshooting hack.

  • Connect WiFi Devices Properly

It’s not a hidden secret that the TP-Link extender amplifies the WiFi signals emitted by your home router. Therefore, the connection between both WiFi devices matters a lot. Chances are that the connection between them is unstable. Therefore, consider bringing them close to each other in case of a wireless connection.

On the other hand, if you’ve opted to connect your WiFi devices using an Ethernet cable, check whether the Ethernet cable is in good condition or not. If not, you know that it needs to be replaced with a brand new cable. Additionally, make the connection finger-tight.

  • Change the Extender’s Location

The placement of your TP-Link range extender is one of the most crucial elements that determine its performance. It seems that the WiFi signals of your range extender are getting interrupted. Well, it can happen due to the presence of transmitting appliances, and electronic gadgets.

Besides, the extender’s signals might also get dampened due to thick concrete walls, fish tanks, and indoor waterfall walls. So, avoid placing your TP-Link device near such things.

  • Update TP-Link Firmware

The hardware, as well as the software of your TP-Link extender, works as the firmware instructs. In addition, the firmware is a double-edged sword that not only adds new features to the device with the latest update but, also protects the extender from getting caught by minor bugs and errors. Therefore, do not wait to update the firmware of your TP-Link extender.

Here are the instructions that will help you update the TP-Link firmware:

  • Ensure that the TP-Link extender is receiving a seamless power supply.
  • Check that there is a proper connection between your TP-Link extender and the router.
  • Now, open a web browser like Chrome, Firefox, Edge, IE, Safari, etc. on your PC.
  • Download the firmware file of your range extender as per its model.
  • Once done, use unzip tools to extract the TP-Link firmware file to a folder.
  • Now, get back to the web browser and launch a new tab.
  • Go to the address field and type tplinkrepeater.net.
  • Perform TP-Link extender login using the password you’ve set you the extender during the initial configuration.
  • Select the Firmware Upgrade.
  • Upload the extracted firmware file when prompted.
  • Your extender will restart after the completion of the firmware update process.

After updating the firmware, check whether you are still witnessing the continuous reboot of the TP-Link extender.

  • Reset the Extender

If none of the aforementioned troubleshooting hacks succeed to fix the TP-Link extender keeps rebooting issue, then you need to restore your device to factory default settings. Doing so will surely help you resolve the problem.

To reset your TP-Link extender, check its all sides, find the Reset button and press it using an oil pin. Let your TP-Link range extender get restored to the factory default mode. Now, set up your wireless extender from scratch with the help of the TP Link app or by accessing tplinkrepeater.net.


This was all about how to fix the TP-Link extender keeps rebooting issue. Here’s to hope that the troubleshooting hacks mentioned in this post will help you overcome the problem with ease and your extender will return to its normal state.

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