How constipation damages general health of men

The health of men has always been the talk in medical history. Generally, men are more likely to get affected with depression, heart disorder, poor metabolism, and constipation. In this article, we shall discuss in detail the ill effects of constipation on the general health of men. Constipation is one of the most suffered disorders by men currently across countries, caste and creed. This is one of the gifts given to men by modernisation and technological advancement. 

In today’s society, many people make fun of when someone tells them that they are suffering from constipation. It is not even considered an attention-grabbing problem and this ignorance is the biggest reason for many serious disorders that remain undiagnosed in the initial stages.

Constipation is not that seriously taken because of easily available Fildena tablet from that assure recovery within minutes. But is constipation just that minor medical situation that only affects the gut for some time? Or does constipation affect the overall health of men? To get all your answers regarding constipation read the article till the end. We shall also discuss some of the possible treatments of constipation that men must look for. 

First, let’s understand the reasons for constipation

Basically, constipation is the situation when someone encounters difficulty in the bowel. You can say that you sit for hours in the bathroom but nothing comes out from your anus. Reading this may not initiate a sense of urgency to solve the problem but it is. Well, there are several reasons for constipation, sometimes the problem is with the type of food one eats, sometimes the issue is with the digestive system that breaks down the consumed food and many others. Some of the main reasons are:

Bad choice of food

The main reason is most cases of constipation is unhealthy food. Men are among the biggest consumers of unhealthy foods such as fast food that are rich in bad cholesterol and sugar content. This does not mean that women do not eat such foods, it is just the comparison that makes men the winner in this section. Today fast food has become a meal for many men. Home-cooked food is considered outdated and replaced with a burger, pizza, pasta, cold drinks and much more. Bad cholesterol is literally undigestible after the action of any enzymes. Thus, it only adds to the fat content, leading to obesity.

Poor digestive system

Sometimes you may eat no unhealthy food items but still the situation one feels constipated. This may be due to a poor digestive system that is unable to fully break the food into a simpler form. Hence, the partially digested food does not pass through the gut easily and takes much effort. Failure of the digestive system can mean poor elasticity of cells and tissues in the intestines, insufficient secretion of enzymes and acids that act on the food etc. Try using Cenforce 100 under the supervision of the doctor. 

How does constipation damages general health of men

We are all aware that constipation is bad for excretion. But is it the only damage that it can cause? Let’s discuss the overall damage caused due to constipation.

Reduces efficiency

One may feel how does constipation affect the effectivity and productivity. To realise this one need not get understand rocket science but simply observe yourself during constipation. When constipated the mind is always busy thinking to get rid of constipation. Hence, focussing on your work and studies gets difficult which leads to overall less results in whichever work you do. 

Mental health issues

Constipation can also lead to degrading mental health situations such as anxiety, depression and hypertension. When someone is constipated his stool which is actually waste is not coming out of the body and is accumulated in the body. The stool is toxic in nature and negatively affects the mental space. It is a very claustrophobic situation where one wants to get rid of stool but cannot. Such men are busy checking Fildena 150 price. 



One of the simplest and most used treatments for constipation is simply taking medicines for constipation. The class of medicines that cure constipation are called laxatives. It mostly comes in the form of tablets and powders that are consumed with water. 

Eating fibrous foods

Pills are used as an instant cure for constipation. But you wouldn’t want to always take pills for constipation. Can’t we prevent constipation and if it is not that severe can we not use natural methods to get rid of constipation? Yes, we can do it by eating a lot of fibre rich food like leafy green vegetables, cereals, fruits, seeds, nuts, seafood etc. Fibre is roughage that does not gets digested but it smoothens the intestines which allow easy passage of stools. Thus, constipation is cured. 

Drink a lot of water

Drinking 2 to 3 litres of water every day will not let the stool remain accumulated, rather move it towards excretion from the anus. Drink simple water, do not add any flavours or beverages.

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