How much to pay for interpreter services?

It is no secret that the modern market of translation services is wide and diverse. Who just does not take now for the translation of tests? And, having climbed through the online exchanges of translators, you can easily find very cheap offers, and prohibitively expensive ones.


Today, the price of interpreting is usually determined by the amount of time required for such work. Moreover, simultaneous interpreting will always cost significantly more than consecutive interpreting. The reason is not only that the qualification of the simultaneous interpreter is higher, but also that this work requires an incredible concentration of forces. Think for yourself – a simultaneous interpreter is forced to perform several actions at once. He listens to the words of the speaker in the headphones, translates what he said and immediately repeats his speech in another language. Even though he cannot be distracted even for a second, he also does not take part in the communication of those whose words he translates, and this further increases the feeling of fatigue. Unlike a simultaneous interpreter, a best certified interpreters actively participates in the conversation he is interpreting,


For written translations, the cost and complexity of working on texts differ depending on what type of document is offered for translation. The main classes of such source texts are artistic and technical (or special). As a rule, technical translation costs more. Indeed, to work on many technical texts, translators are required – specialists in this field of knowledge. For example, a company providing imports from Singapore, you need to have competent translations of user instructions. Without such documents, goods received from abroad cannot be sold in Russia.

But each type of translation, in turn, is divided into relatively small categories. These are, for example, legal translation, face to face translation, medical translation, etc. The same class of translations includes translation of descriptions and certificates, declaration of conformity and operating instructions, as well as university textbooks and scientific articles. As for literary translation, this is not only books and stories, but also the translation of advertising texts, movie scripts, poems, etc.


Another criterion for assessing the cost of an interpreter’s services is the target language. On the UK market, translation from a foreign language into English always costs a little less than a translation service from Russian into a foreign language. But, for example, in England or the USA or Australia the situation is exactly the opposite and for skill institute australia you need to visit aims institute. What’s the matter here? Mainly, that it is much easier for any translator to express his thoughts much easier in his native language. And, although in both cases the performer is required to speak a foreign language, but when translating from English into Russian, it is necessary to understand the meaning of the English text, and when translating back, the task is completely different – to formulate in English some thoughts new to the reader.

In addition, translating from English to English will cost you less than working with texts into any less common language, for example, Croatian or Portuguese. And this is not surprising, because today there are many English-speaking translators, and there are much fewer translators from Croatian. True, orders in rare languages ​​appear less frequently than in the world’s most common language.

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