How Should Employees Be Treated To Maximize Profit?


The employees who are offered with kindness and compassion are recognized as luckiest. The leader has to ensure that their employees are feeling respected within the workplace. It is the responsibility of the leader to respect the subordinates to grow the business cooperatively. It is the excellent leadership qualities of Scott Paterson Toronto that made him successfully fulfill leadership roles for various organizations.

Consequences of Bad Behavior

According to Gallup’s State of Global Workplace report 2017, around 85% of people aren’t engaged in their work. Do you know? Most often, domestic workers aren’t treated well by their employers. Employers don’t recognize and esteem the hard work of employees. Read further to know about the consequences of bad engagement of employees with the employers. 

  • It kills the morale of employees to work for the organization’s goal dedicatedly. It develops the feeling of dissatisfaction which causes disruptions within the workplace.
  • Persisting disengagement can be more costly for the company. The employee may take more time for task completion, or they will start doing low quality work.
  • Disengagement may result in poor customer service. It could affect brand reputation within the market. 

How Should Employees Be Treated?

The workplace is an interactive platform for both employees and employers where they both have to work with collaboration. It is undeniable that if the employees are treated with care, only we can leverage the business. Following are the ways which leaders can enhance the productivity of employees.

1. Providing Flexible Working Hours

Employees feel happy when they get a job with flexible work timing. Commonly, morning time is considered favorable by most of the employees. According to a survey by Glassdoor, the candidate’s priority is to search for a job that matches their choice of timing over pay scale or other benefits. The employee should be offered with perfect Paid Time Off (PTO) policy.

2. Pay Respect which They Deserve

Everyone loves to get respected by others. Similarly, employees expect respect from their leaders for their hard work and dedication. Respect motivates employees to put more effort into work completion. Scott Paterson Toronto knows that the establishment of a trustful environment strengthens the relationship between the employee and employer.

3. Providing Opportunities

The company grows with the conscientiousness of employees. The skillset, mindset, abilities, and capabilities are enhanced with increasing responsibilities. According to Steve Jobs, the employee should be provided with appropriate opportunities to assess their potential. In addition, the leader must provide them constructive feedback upon work completion.

4. Good Communication

The leader should actively listen to the issues which continuously troubling the employees. The way leaders express their point of view, strategies, or ideas highly impacts the perspective of teammates. Each word of a leader should be comprehensive. The tone of leaders positively or negatively affects the perspective of employees.


If we look at the number of complaints of employees regarding disrespectful or unprofessional behavior every year, you will find how many employees are dealing with continuous criticism. Therefore, leaders should focus on creating an environment where everyone can work coordinately for the positive and profitable growth of the business. 

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