How to Access Deleted Reddit Posts and Comments in 2022

If you are looking for ways to get your deleted posts and comments, you can use Wayback Machine, Resavr, and Unreddit. All of these methods are free, and they can be used to get back any content that has been deleted from Reddit. These methods may not work in the long term, but they are an excellent backup plan in the event that a website is closed or deleted.

How to Access Deleted Reddit Posts and Comments

Reddit is a popular social news and discussion platform where users can share content and engage in conversations with others. Sometimes, users may accidentally delete their posts or comments, or they may want to access content that has been removed by moderators. Fortunately, there are a few ways to access deleted Reddit posts and comments.

Use a cached version: If you know the URL of the deleted post or comment, you can try accessing a cached version of it through Google. Go to and search for the post or comment you want to access. If Google has indexed the content, you should be able to see a cached version of it.

Use a third-party tool: There are several third-party tools available online that allow you to access deleted Reddit content. Some popular options include Removeddit, Ceddit, and Resavr. These tools work by capturing and storing content before it gets deleted, allowing you to access it even after it has been removed.

Ask the user who posted the content: If you know the user who posted the content, you can try contacting them and asking if they still have a copy of it. They may be able to share the content with you directly.


If you have ever wished to read a post or comment that was deleted from Reddit, you can still do so. There are a couple of methods you can use to retrieve deleted content. One method involves accessing the archived version of Reddit. The archived version of a post is available on the Wayback Machine, a nonprofit website that saves snapshots of websites at certain points in time. To access it, you must enter the URL to the post or subreddit you want to access. Then, select the year and month that you want to see the content of the post or comment.

Another method is to use a tool called Unreddit, which saves content from Reddit. This tool saves the content on Reddit as a cache, so you can read deleted posts or comments later. Another option is to use a tool called Removeddit, which has been around for years. This site is the easiest way to access deleted Reddit posts and comments, and it works on all major web browsers.

Un-Delete Reddit Comments

If you want to read deleted Reddit comments, you can install a tool called Removeddit or Ceddit. These tools are similar to Reddit but dark-themed, catering to a user experience similar to Reddit. It also works as an API client, allowing you to read and comment on Reddit posts and comments. You will need to use valid Reddit credentials to access the site.

Using this extension, you can look through deleted Reddit comments and posts from years ago. You can even see what the comments were like just before they were deleted. This is an easy and handy way to recover deleted posts or comments. However, the process can be time-consuming. Un-Delete Reddit Comments in 2022 will allow you to do this in a few hours, so be patient!


If you’ve wondered what happened to those Reddit posts and comments that have been deleted, Resavr can help you find them. The new website only retrieves posts and comments 

that are at least 1000 characters long, and it believes that longer comments are more informative than short ones. Users will have to use the website’s “Recent Comments” feature to access the content, but it’s still an excellent way to find deleted comments. The website also lets you know the time and date when the comment was posted, so you can determine if it was deleted for good.

Resavr is the best way to read the most recent posts and comments from Reddit. It works by extracting information from deleted posts and comments longer than 650 characters, and you can search for them using the search bar at the top. Resavr displays the date and time that a post was posted and how long it was up before it was deleted. You can also use WaybackMachine to see more information about deleted posts and comments.

Wayback Machine

If you want to read past comments or post content from Reddit, but the post or comment has been removed, you can always use the Wayback Machine to retrieve it. The Wayback Machine stores all posts and comments on the internet for a minimum of one year. Reddit will delete content after this time. If you wish to read deleted content from the past, you can use the Wayback Machine to access deleted posts and comments from 2022.

Using the Wayback Machine to access deleted Reddit comments is a fantastic way to relive a certain moment in time. You can search for a post or comment on Reddit and use the date to find the exact post or comment. The site will give you a calendar interface so you can search for specific posts and comments. You may have to go back a day or two to see your post or comment. To know more about tools which can help you see deleted reddit comments, try this out !


It’s important to note that accessing deleted Reddit content may not always be possible or ethical. Respect the privacy and decisions of others and only access content that has been deleted for legitimate reasons.

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