How to correctly use “Used to”

Different uses of "used to"

We always use “used to” where there is a sense of habit of a person whether it is in past, present, or future. We use helping verbs as per the tense along with “used to”.

Lets take a look one by one how we do that ::

Structure 1 : Sub + is/am/are + used to + object/V1+ing

According to this rule used to is used where the person has a certain habit at the time of speaking or he/she has a habit in present and there is nothing mentioned about that when did he/she develop that habit. He/she just has a habit (as simple as that).

Example : 1. I am used to writing articles on website.

2. You are used to this mobile.

3. We are used to going to gym daily.

4. I am used to going temple every Tuesday.

5. You are used to speaking bad all the time.

6. You are used to complaining others for mistakes on every situation.

7. We are used to playing football in big playground.

8. Are you used to cutting your hair on every weekend?

9. I am not used to mobile but laptop.

10. We are used to playing cricket rather watching it.

11.We are used to you in every difficult situation.

Note: In all these examples you see that someone has a particular habit at the time of the speaking. He/she has habit no matter for how long.

Structure 2 : Subject + Helping verb + get used to + Object/V1+ing

Here, in this structure, we use “get used to” wherein there is a sense of habit tha was adopted no matter how long and why. Let’s have a look at examples on this. Get will change according to the tense.

Example 1. I got used to you having met you.

2. I am getting used to spending time on social media nowadays.

3. I have got used to watching movies on every weekend.

4. I willl get used to working in night shifts with the time.

5. You will get used to waking up early in the morning eventually.

6. You were getting used to leave office in the difficult days.

7. We will get used to this comfort zone if we don’t think about this right now.

8. I have got used to working from home being of lockdown.

9. Have you got used to commuting on bike for office?

10. I have not used to traveling on the bike because it could make me ill in this winter.

Stucture : 3. Subject + used to + V1 + object.

This sentence structure is always used in the case of past tenses and no more true now in present. We need to take care of some things in this structure which is as follows:

  1. There should be no helping verb in the case of past tenses. We just simply use used to.
  2. In the case of negative sentences, we use “did not”
  3. There should be no ing form of action. (unlike in structure 2).

Lets have some examples on this :-

Example 1. : Two years ago, i used to dance.(not dancing).

Note: Don’t make the mistake of combining both forms to make an ungrammatical sentence like “I am used to study.”

Remember: Either “I used to study” (past habit but no longer true) or
“I am used to studying” (I am familiar with studying).

2. Incorrect : I was not used to dance. Correct : I did not use to dance.

3. I did not use to play cricket in my childhood.

4. Did you / she use to smoke?

5. I / He didn’t use to smoke.

6. He used to go on holiday to Scotland every year” (but he doesn’t now).

7. He used to live in London” (but he doesn’t now).

8. Did you use to go temple in your teens age?

9. I did not use to take food myself in my childhood. My mom used to serve me every time.

10. I used to have long hair.

11. I used to be a good student in school.

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