How to Find a Source URL and Compare Text

URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator.  URL is similar to an address that is used to locate a resource on the internet. Any website that contains information is a resource.

Source URL is one of the basic yet most important parts of web surfing. If you want to reach the website you must know its source URL.

Following are the steps to find the source URL

  1. First, you have to go to
  2. Search for whichever page you want.
  3. There will be lots of research results. Choose your desired one and click on the title.
  4. The next window will pop up and on its top, you will find the address, you have to click on the. Address and select the whole URL.
  5. Right-click on that selected URL and copy it and paste anywhere you want.

URL consists of two parts

  • Protocol identifier
  • Resource name

For instance

For a URL

HTTP is the protocol identifier


The resource name is

Compare text

Sometimes you come across two documents that look different but when you read them they are more similar to each other than you can imagine just by looking at them as they are presented so differently.

In order to check the similarities and differences between the two contents compare text is used. It’s different from checking plagiarism with the whole Web database.

We do not need the document to check plagiarism on the Internet database and get zero plagiarism; we just need it to be compared to another document.

Even if it has plagiarism percentage while getting it free checks for plagiarism it should not have any similarities to one other particular document in order to get cleared unique content.

Usage of compare text

Using compare text by prepostseo is very easy. It provides you with three different options Just to make your work as effective as possible

  1. All you have to do is select file URLs and paste them in the URL input boxes,


  1. You can select the file of any format whether doc, .docx, PDF or txt and upload it to both given spaces


  1. You can copy-paste the data in the given enter text portion given

And then you have to click compare text and then you will get the results

Results presentation

The results of the two documents or content that are compared with each other are presented in a highlighted fashion.

The plagiarism checker will highlight all the similar words between the two documents. Entirely Matched sentences are also highlighted. This way in just a glance you will be able to tell how much plagiarism present when both documents are compared side by side.

The percentage of similar content is also given so that you can judge if the two documents are cheated or took inspiration from.

With the help of artificial intelligence software finding the similarities between two contents even if rephrasing is done shows the extreme accuracy of this text comparison tool.

Reasons to use prepostseo compare text

  • You can use compare documents unlimited times in a day you don’t have to register for anything and water your time. No formalities at all in this free plagiarism checker. Just click and your text comparison is done.
  • It’s totally free of cost. It will not cost you anything to use. That’s a big plus for this compare text tool by prepostseo.
  • You don’t have to wait for long. It does its job very quickly and effectively. Your time is precious and shouldn’t be wasted.
  • It’s efficient in its results. You are going to get the perfect comparison of the two documents in detail.
  • You can download the pdf file and share the comparison results with the concerned personnel via email and URLs.
  • You can use compare multiple language documents using this prepostseo compare text. Language barrier sometimes makes things difficult but here you get all the ease from this tool and get your material checked.



In a college environment when the workload is at its extreme on both teacher and students.  This comparison tool comes very much in handy.

Students can compare two assignments for similarities before submitting and can fix this issue beforehand. If Plagiarism is found in two assignments then it will be very harmful to reputation and grades as well.


For teachers checking, the process gets very doable as they can compare the assignments if anyone has cheated or used others viewpoints for their own benefit.


Bloggers have this compare text tool up their sleeves as they have to check every blog content so that they can assure the uniqueness of the content and it’s not the same material was written all-over again.

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