How to Keep Track Of Your Weight Loss Progress

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When we think about weight loss we automatically think about diet and exercises. It is like a magic word that makes your life boring. However, your life doesn’t have to be all boring just because of weight loss. Most people do not understand that weight loss is not a process but a journey. To stay motivated to reach your goal, you need to enjoy your journey. If you don’t enjoy your journey you will soon lose motivation. Fitness trainers around the globe agree that they are paid less for their consultation and expert advice and more for keeping people motivated for workouts. Apart from basic encouragement, there are so many other things that keep people motivated. One of the best ways you can keep yourself motivated is with the help of process tracking.

What Is Progress Tracking?

Most people are not familiar with the term progress tracking. Progress tracking is the process through which you can see how much closer you are getting to your desired weight. Progress tracking is the true essence of the workout routine because this will keep you motivated and also help you in customizing the workout. If a workout is not good for you or your body type, you will be able to detect it. Once you have detected the issue, you can simply track the progress with the help of various progress tracking techniques. Just a few years ago, before the technology havoc, progress tracking was a completely manual and extremely long process. Since the process was lengthy, most people would give up the progress tracking. As the technology got better, weighting scales were introduced, and soon after everyone started tracking the weight loss progress through scale. There is no doubt that the weight scale is one of the oldest yet most authentic ways of tracking progress. However, with improvement in science and a better understanding of the food and fitness industry, everything started to change. With improved technology now we know that the process of shedding fat is easy to detect. However, when it comes to muscle mass, the shedding process is painfully slow. To help you track down your overall weight loss progress, we have listed down some quick, easy, and a few very lengthy tracking processes. Each process has its pros and cons, so we are not trying to put any process down. Instead, we are trying to highlight qualities and features of every type, you can pick the one that suits your best. No matter what kind of exercise you choose, if you are looking for workout gear, you can select tan tops, shorts, t-shirts and more from bourn tough.

Journal Keeping

If we talk about the oldest method of tracking down the progress, we will talk about journal keeping. Although journal keeping is considered popular even today. Before the industrial revolution, things were quite simple but the beauty standards were as high as they are today. Women used to keep journals but the best thing is that they used to measure themselves. The main goal was to measure the change that takes place. In old movies or TV series, you can see people measuring themselves and marking the entry in a diary. If you have never noticed it now, you can check the TV series The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel on amazon prime.  


  •         Give you complete information over a long time
  •         User can add extra information as well


  •         A very slow process
  •         Might have human error
  •         Still need weight or measuring tape

Measuring Tape

The measuring tape is another very old method, it is even older than journal keeping. Before science was advanced, measuring tape was used by tailors and doctors alike. When a child or any patient would visit a doctor, they would start by measuring his weight and waist. This would give the doctor enough information about the health. Although this health estimate is nothing compared to the advanced machines that we use nowadays, it was still enough for the doctors in older times. Measuring the height and waste would give them an estimate about what a child should weigh at a certain age and height. Later, this technique was used by modern nutritionists where they would use the basic measurement of inches tape and provide information about the optimum weight. If you are looking for a basic way to measure the progress or simply track down the changes from any body part, this method is still widely used and accepted.


  •         Oldest and easiest method
  •         Can be used for so many different reasons


  •         Human error might occur
  •         Need to learn the process of measuring properly


As the technology became better, measuring scales were introduced for weight loss tracking. Weight scales were mostly used for commercial purposes only, however, after the boom of the fitness and health industry, these weight scales were made for gyms, clinics, and even for people at home. According to an estimate, more than 40% of American women keep a weight scale in the bathroom. In older times, elite women used the weight scale to measure and track their weight progress. However, as the technology became better, it was then declared that there is no standard weight for any age. You can be 40 years but your healthy weight can be 50 depending on your height. Similar is the case with gender and other variables.


  •         Easy to use
  •         Low maintenance
  •         Doesn’t require any extra knowledge   


  •         A little expensive
  •         Old method
  •         Might not be suitable because of generalization

Online BMI Calculators

If you are tech-savvy, you might know about the online BMI and calorie calculators. All you need is some basic information about your weight, height, gender and few other details. This will give you your healthy BMI, the expected BMI, and how much weight you should lose to reach your healthy BMI. So far calculation according to the BMI is considered the most widely accepted type of weight progress tracking.


  •         Scientifically proven method
  •         Doesn’t generalize criteria for all
  •         Best for overall health detection


  •         A little complicated for beginners
  •         Require weight, height, and other information
  •         Only accurate if they are paid
  •         A lot of pop up ads

Health and Fitness Bands

Health and fitness bands are now becoming one of the most widely used tech-based gears that can help you track your fitness. These bands are not only used for tracking your weight but also your calorie burn out, heartbeat, body temperature, sweat rate, and a lot more. With the help of these fitness bands, you can also check your blood pressure and how much more workouts you need to reach your desired weight.


  •         Better than manual methods
  •         Advanced and customize according to the owner
  •         Best for day to day use


  •         A little expensive
  •         Results may vary according to the model and the brand
  •         Need external power to work

Calorie Apps

Calorie apps are getting very common and they are so far the best option as well. These apps are designed to help you record your health progress as well as the calorie burnout rate at a certain time. Another very interesting thing about these apps is that it completely customizes everything according to the age, gender, and requirements of the owner. These apps are user-friendly and they are widely popular because of the new updates that they introduced after every few weeks.


  •         Free of cost
  •         Easily available
  •         Advanced and updated according to new trends


  •         Might be biased based on brand
  •         No way to prove the accuracy
  •         No globally accepted benchmark 
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