How to Move During the Summer

Many individuals move somewhere between September and May, putting the month of July in the middle. Basically, there are a lot of benefits that come with moving at different seasons of the year.

Summer is the most popular season that many homeowners relocate as it has fewer impacts on kids’ sleep schedules, routines, and school.

Work responsibilities are also a little bit lighter during this season for some individuals, especially teachers. This makes it easier for them to free up time to relocate.

With that said, heat in the summer may wreak havoc during your move. So if you choose to relocate during summer, the following are tips to look at:

1. Have Enough Water on Hand

Everyone knows how imperative it is to remain hydrated, especially during summer. Relocating is stressful enough. So the last you may want during this time is to experience unpleasant symptoms linked to heat stroke or dehydration.

Plan the day before by stocking cold water in several water bottles. During the day of your move, ensure you let everyone helping out with your move where to get cold water.

You might as well opt to provide your team with hydrating freezer pops. There are many hydrating, healthy, and tasty pops that you can have to keep everyone hydrated and cool.

2. Sold the Movers and DIY Dilemma

One of the first things you need to do is determine whether you need to hire a reputable mover or DIY. If you are not sure which route to take, you might want to consider several factors.

If you have prior moving experience and you are just relocating locally, DIY yourself can be a viable option. But if you are doing it for the first time, enlisting a reputable mover’s services, like AAA Moving & Storage Company, can come in handy.

3. Choose Weekdays to Relocate

Weekdays, especially those in the middle of the month compared to the end month, are likely to be less busy for mover moves than weekends, which might get booked months earlier.

Always avoid last weekend in July and Memorial Day weekend altogether. They are always the busiest days to move.

4. Turn the AC On

Turning your AC on with the front door open can seem like a waste of cash. But it is okay to do so on the day of your move. That is because creating a comfortable environment for the moving team to work in is imperative.

Plus, the more you and the moving team sweat, the dirtier you will all get. And since the team will be lifting everything from sofas to mattresses, wardrobes, and throw rugs, these items will likely get soiled.

On top of that, sweaty hands might make movers lose their grip on large and heavy items, which may result in injuries and damage to household goods, walls, and floors.

Final Touches!

Summertime is the best and most popular season to relocate. Your kids will be out of school, college students will be settling in their next apartment, and there is enough sunshine to enjoy. However, summer could also mean higher humidity and extreme heat, making your move far riskier. This is why experts that you prepare ahead of time by turning the AC on and packing enough water to hydrate.

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