How To Use Whiteboard Explainer Videos In The Buyer Journey

The traditional marketing sources such as Television Advertisement, Magazines, newspapers and radio have become outdated in the modern time.

These traditional old marketing sources have now been replaced by new marketing sources such as social media and searching engines, paving the way for digital marketing being the new modern form of marketing.

Explainer videos are one fine marketing tool that can be utilised by the digital marketing platforms. Explainer video services can be attained locally or explainer video services can be outsourced to another company.

If your business wants a white board explainer video to explain a buyer’s journey, from attraction to final consumption then it’s necessary to attain a explainer video services for drafting and scripting the best explainer video. Explainer Mojo is one fine explainer video service company in the UK and USA.

If you want to make an explainer video which explains the buyer’s journey, then here are a few types of explainer videos you can take into consideration.

White Board Explainer Video Services

A white board explainer video is a type of video which consists a white background behind.

Constructing colours such as black and blue are used to display the information and animation on the white board.

This contrasting colours provide the viewer a clear view of what’s going on the display.

The duration of these videos is from 1 min up to 3 minutes, you can use different colourful animations on the display of white board explainer video.

Using a white board explainer video to explain the buyer’s journey from viewing the product to purchase and consumption, can be a good option.

Best Explainer Video Services:

If you’re looking for the best explainer video services, the Explainer Mojo is the best explainer video production company in the UK and USA.

Isometric explainer video

Isometric explainer video are highly rich in graphics, animations and motion. This features make this type of videos a perfect fit if you want to catch the buyer’s attention.

Isometric videos are graphically rich, and demonstrate the product to the buyer in a simplified way.

These videos are accompanied with sound and voice overs, to make the video more interactive and engaging to the viewer.

Isometric videos can be anything from 1 minutes to 3 minutes, so if your looing to grab the attention of the buyer at immediate cause, then Isometric videos can be the perfect blend for you.

App explainer video

If you want your buyers to be targeted through a mobile app, then explainer mojo is the best app explainer video maker in the UK.

App explainer video can help engage you buyers and learn better about your application.

Highly informative and value for money, you can customize you app explainer video in many ways.

App explainer videos can be animated explainer video, white board explainer video, isometric explainer video or 2d-3d explainer video. So you can make a choice which suits your needs.

App explainer videos can be very useful, as they explain the buyer about your application, this indirectly helps you to grow your business as customers is well known to the work process of your app.

Explainer Mojo is one fine app explainer video maker in the Uk and USA providing the best video making services.

Why Explainer Mojo

Explainer Mojo is the best explainer video services provider in Europe, UK and USA.

We have worked with a good number of clients, with evident success helping their business grow with the help of explainer videos as a tool I their marketing strategies.

So if you’re looking forward a explainer video production company, then feel free to connect with Explainer Mojo.

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