How ToDeclutter For A Move


Moving can be a stressful process. You need to make new living arrangements, hire a moving company, pack all of your belongings and make sure you have a place to put them. Amidst all these, losing stuff may be inevitable.

Worse still, if you don’t have a plan, the process may be more frustrating. Luckily you can lessen this stress by decluttering. Read on to know how to declutter for a move.

1. Make A List Of All Your Items

Start by making a list of all your items. This will include everything from furniture to clothes and also what is in your kitchen cupboards, garage or basement storage areas. It’s important to be as specific as possible when you’re listing these things because it’ll make the decluttering process much easier. If there are certain pieces that need special attention such as antiques or artwork please note and think about where you’ll keep them.

With a checklist on your hand, you can easily single out what you need and what you don’t need. Many online apps can help you to organize your tasks by room, color code them for easy recognition, and put the items you’re keeping on one side of the room and what you’re donating on another.

At this point, it’s easier if you just start packing up anything that doesn’t belong where it is (whether that be out of place or not) so at least all those loose ends are tied up before moving day.

2. Donate Stuff You’re Not Using

This is a good time to donate any clothes or household items you’re not using. Find out what your local Goodwill store accepts, and find some free boxes in the garage or basement. Pack up all of those unwanted t-shirts into one box, unneeded paper towels in another box, and old holiday decorations in another box. Make a note on each empty box about what’s inside so that when you drop them off at Goodwill they can distribute it accordingly.

Apart from the Goodwill store, you can donate your items to an orphanage, the Salvation Army, or you can sell them on Craigslist. If donating to the Salvation Army, call ahead first for an appointment at one of their local stores. Most of their stores only accept furniture and larger household goods that are in good condition (no trash).

They don’t have a set limit per household. So, you can donate as much as you want. All proceeds go toward helping people break free from homelessness through employment training programs.

3. Sell Unwanted Items At A Flea Market

If you don’t want to donate your items or want to make some cash to help you with the move, you can sell the items you aren’t using at a flea market. These markets are frequented by people looking for various items and you may be lucky to find buyers.

Before going to the flea market, you need to read regulations for parking and loading, know what to do with hazardous materials or prohibited items (e.g., fireworks), learn about the vendors’ policies on returns and exchanges, get a map of where you can go during set hours, and discuss any necessary preparations for your pet’s care before you leave town.

Summing Up

Decluttering is important for every move because it will make the process go faster. You should do this before you start packing up your home. These tips can help you declutter and make moving less stressful.

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