Improve Your Relationship with Your Tenants Using Property Management Software

Tenant satisfaction is a significant factor in the long-term success of any rental business. When your tenants are happy, they are more likely to renew their leases and continue generating steady revenue.

Your relationships with tenants play into their overall satisfaction. For example, tenants have more positive interactions with landlords who are easy to contact, answer questions, and demonstrate care for tenant concerns.

One tool for building strong relationships with tenants is online property management software. Software features are designed to improve the user experience, especially for tenants. With a property management software tool, you are well equipped to field tenant questions, streamline the leasing process, and establish long-term relationships.

Here are a few ways to use your property management software to improve your relationships with your tenants.

Tenant Communication

While it might seem obvious, the best time to start building healthy relationships with tenants is while exchanging messages. 

However, if you share your personal contact information with tenants, you’ll have to field questions, concerns, and complaints directly from your inbox, where messages are likely to get lost or forgotten about. The last thing you want is for a tenant to think you’ve neglected or ignored their message.

Instead, use your property management software to communicate with tenants. Most property management software platforms come with a built-in chat feature that serves as a centralized hub for all tenant communication. No need to give out your personal email or phone number—tenants can comfortably access you from their software account log-in, and you will always know where to find details from prior messages.

Streamlined Maintenance Management

Maintenance problems are one time your tenants are especially likely to make judgments about your rental management. Utility or amenity problems can seriously interfere with a tenant’s daily life, so getting these issues resolved as soon as possible should be a top priority.

Property management software offers a comprehensive maintenance feature to help you manage maintenance requests. Tenants can submit maintenance tickets directly from the software and even attach photos or videos of the problem.

Once the ticket is submitted, you or your maintenance staff can view the request, respond or schedule a time to fix the problem, and track its progress.

Tenants feel safer when there are defined procedures for when things go wrong. When maintenance problems arise, property management software helps you address them smoothly and give tenants the best possible experience.

Automated Late Fees

No landlord likes to be the “bad guy.” But when it comes to enforcing late fees, there’s no getting around it. Someone has to hold tenants accountable for late payments and fees, and most of the time, that responsibility falls on you.

If you neglect to enforce late fees, your tenants will learn that those fees are empty threats. They may also lose respect for your business and assume they can break other lease terms too.

To avoid these consequences and uncomfortable conversations, use your property management software as a neutral third party. Your software can be configured to automatically push late fees to all tenants who haven’t paid rent by a specific date.

You can also restrict tenants from paying next month’s rent until they pay the previous month’s bill and all incurred fees in full.

With property management software, you no longer need to be the “bad guy.” Let your software do the enforcing so you can focus on building mindful, friendly relationships with tenants.

Online Rent Collection

Finally, the online rent collection feature provides many opportunities to make life easier for tenants. When you use this feature, tenants can pay rent with debit, credit, or ACH transfer. 

Not only are these options more convenient than cash or check payments, but they’re also much safer. Digital payments are automatically recorded and secured by your software, so both you and your tenants can always check which payments were made when.

Build Robust Relationships with Property Management Software

Software offers a level of professionalism and convenience every tenant can appreciate. With property management software, improving your tenant relationships is as straightforward as any other relationship. From messaging to maintenance to direct interaction, your software tool is ready to help you navigate tenant relationships with skill and ease.

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