Is The Life Of An English Language Teacher In Bangkok Still Worth Pursuing

Over the last several decades, Bangkok has been a hotspot for expatriate English language teachers. With a degree, a TEFL qualification, and a plane ticket, they could uproot their lives in search of their own personal paradise abroad. But, is it still worth living the life of an English language teacher in Bangkok? 

The pay isn’t great but the lifestyle is amazing 

One common issue that many people have with being an English teacher is the salary. Even the most qualified of English teachers will struggle to earn more than $40,000 per year in Bangkok (with the average salary being approximately $29,000). A decade ago, that salary would have been more than enough to enjoy a life of luxury, however, today, as the prices in Thailand continue to rise, it doesn’t go quite as far. 

However, that’s not to say that you can’t enjoy a good quality of life in Bangkok as a teacher. In fact, so long as you budget well and live within your means, you can enjoy an amazing quality of life. 

Groceries, dining out, health & fitness, and travelling throughout Thailand is still comparatively cheap. Accommodation prices also remain impressively low as well. What’s even more attractive is, if you have some savings behind you, you can buy property in Thailand for a fraction of what you’d pay in your home country (check out these houses for sale from DDproperty for a better idea). 

There is room for growth 

The more experience you have, the greater the opportunities you can secure as an English language teacher. Starting out you will certainly have to work hard and live within your means, however, as you progress through your career you will be able to secure a much higher salary. And the best part? There are so many different English language schools in Bangkok for you to choose from so finding the best jobs shouldn’t be too complicated! 

Not only that, but if you are open to teaching privately and in the evenings, whether in person or online, you can subsidise your earnings and put even more savings behind you. 

It’s easy to remain in Bangkok permanently as a teacher 

Many foreigners struggle to live, work, and remain permanently in Bangkok. The career options are very limited and unless you have a specialist qualification or you work for a multinational company, securing a long-term work permit and visa can be a nightmare. 

As an English teacher however, being able to remain in Thailand legally (and permanently) is easy, so long as you are constantly employed. 

It’s a rewarding lifestyle 

For what it lacks in financial security, teaching is one of the most rewarding jobs there is. Being able to work with children and help shape their futures is a wonderful thing indeed. Yes, there are challenges as with any job, however, for the most part, the life of a teacher in Bangkok is very pleasant. 

Oh, and not many people can easily hop on a plane or a bus and make their way to a tropical island for the weekend – but English teachers in Bangkok do it all the time! 

You can live anywhere you like 

Another attractive benefit of being an English teacher in Bangkok is the fact that you can move anywhere in the world whenever you feel like it. Fancy moving to South Korea where you can secure a higher salary? Perhaps you’d like to give Columbia a try? Or to check out the Philippines? 

English teachers will always be in high demand and as you continue to progress through your career, you’ll be able to work your way around the world without any care or concern for finding a visa or being able to support a healthy and comfortable lifestyle. 

Is it worth it? We’d argue that yes, it very much is! 

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