Learn The Language Of Music Via Piano Teachers In Singapore

Everyone has their way of getting relaxed. Some like to read, some feel comforted by watching movies, and some enhance their creativity by playing musical instruments. The following quote clearly expresses that music has a significant role in human lives: ‘Music softens the pain, increases the joy, and opens the heart.’

Piano is a fantastic instrument to play, but you need some special classes for learning its basics. The piano is tricky to play, and it takes time to get expertise in it. Moreover, an expert and certified teacher is also necessary to get the proper lesson. Imagine you were sitting free and trying to create a piece of music, and you have made your best effort. Someone appreciates your efforts. Do you not feel good? You feel wonderful. It would

Let’s Have A Quick Survey Of The Institutions In Singapore

Let’s peep through Singapore’s institutions. There are many great institutions in Singapore. The Alpha piano studio Singapore is the best piano music school; you can visit it for piano lesson classes. It is a good place for taking classes. Performance-based learning is practiced here. Thus, you have more chances here for learning through performing by using technology-based learning. The facilitators here make the education too easy and stress less for the adults or kids.

An option is there for those who want to take their classes at home. This academy is waiting for you. This institution provides a flexible and customized schedule for students to enhance their skills according to their capabilities. Moreover, they offer two free trial sessions too.

This institution offers Piano Teachers In Singapore lessons by experienced mentors, certified degree holders, instructors, or those who have diplomas in music. Thus by getting lessons from this reputable agency, you will get maximum benefits and complete satisfaction.

Alpha piano studio is another institution for teaching proficient piano teachers at home. Teachers there use a structured learning method. This studio aims to bring out the students’ talent. One of the best things about this institution is that it gives the tasks according to the students’ capability and customizes piano lessons according to their needs. So there is no need to worry about so many facilities. 

Yamaha is the next institution you will find in Singapore that offers piano lessons. The most exciting fact about this institution is if a child whose age is two can attend tasks in groups and use the keyboard with small hands and cute fingers. A 6 years old child can take the classes individually. Thomson Plaza, Plaza Singapore, is where this institution has its branches.

Aureus Academy, another institution, also offers piano demo lectures without taking any money. Is this not exciting? Most mentors working here are professional degree holders in music classes. That’s why the institution’s reputation is outstanding but its fee structure is a little higher than other institutions.

Another famous school, The Happy Pianist, gives a chance to enhance students’ skills by offering the services of degree holders and experienced teachers.

Apart from those mentioned above, there are many other schools, institutions, or academies in Singapore to take piano lesson classes. Ossia, Groove Music School, Juzmusic Academy, and Studio 72. All of these institutions offer amazing piano lessons, and that too from expert piano teachers.

Is Playing Piano Beneficial?

A question arises: why learn piano, or what benefits will piano give us? There are many benefits of learning and playing piano including self-confidence. The piano plays a significant role, you can set your goals and achieve them by getting a chance to enhance your talent. With the help of music, you can connect the people and boost your social interaction needs. The other benefit includes relaxing your brain and feeling inner happiness. Playing the piano is an excellent exercise for the mind to keep away from anxiety. Older people can save their brains from deteriorating by playing piano and improving cognitive skills.

Similarly, those children who take piano lessons perform better academically than those who do not have these activities. Apart from the advantages mentioned above, playing the piano also improves blood pressure and cardiac problems. So playing with the piano is so beneficial.

Fee Structure Of The Piano Lessons?

One question that might arise in your mind would be about the fee structure. Right? Do not worry; let’s check out the fee structure. Usually, the kids are sent to piano lessons as non-academic classes. But still, the fee is something that needs consideration. The cost taken in Singapore for piano classes is in dollars, and most of the institutions have a hassle-free process that only submits the fee and takes your classes.

Let’s quickly take a look at the prices. Usually, the prices are between $130 to $400. Are you astonished? Don’t be, as the fee is broken down according to grades. Do you want to know grade-wise? So here you go. So for giving four piano lessons to beginners, the fee ranges from $130-$190. The period of these lessons would be forty-five minutes. Similarly, as the grades go up, the prices also rise. If we look at the grade 8 fee structure, the prices range between $290-$310, and the duration is also 60 minutes instead of forty-five minutes. Apart from these, if we look at the Diploma fee structure, it varies from $360-$400. It depends on which diploma you have enrolled in. So having an idea about the fee of piano lessons, you can select the grade or diploma and start learning how to play the piano.

Factors That Influence Fee Structure

You must have witnessed that the fee structure varies. So many factors influence it. The first factor contributing to this variation is the salary demanded by the piano teacher who will work full time than the one who will work for some hours. The full-time teacher will request more.

Another factor that matters is the qualification of the teacher. A qualified teacher will require more fees than a lower qualified teacher. Linked with these reasons you will find different fee structures in different institutions.. The more experienced a piano teacher, the more salary you have to pay.

If the teachers offer their services at your doorstep, they will charge more than you for taking a class at his place. The grounds for this is that transportation charges will be included in his fee. Thus, these factors help determine the fee structure of the piano lessons.

Apart from piano learning, other expenses are

Fee For Piano Exams

Apart from paying for the lessons, one also has to pay for the exam if they take them. The price of these exams ranges from $210 to $525.

Practice At Home

Apart from learning at the institution, if you want to practice more as PRACTISE MAKES A MAN PERFECT, you have to buy a piano to practice at home.

Maintaining The Piano

Maintaining the piano also adds to the expenses as it needs to be tuned annually. Apart from that, keeping the piano clean is a must.

Are Our Piano Lessons Worth Taking?

A question arises in mind: are Singapore piano lessons price worth it? This is the discussion of many people you must have heard many times. According to them, how will learning piano help? But it is constructive in releasing tension and stress.

Sometimes piano lessons are taken as a hobby which later becomes a passion and a mode of relaxation. It also aids in the future by getting money. Most people will agree that playing the piano is fantastic. You cannot deny the benefits of mental health and cognitive ability by playing the piano. However, it cannot be a cheaper exercise; it is costly. It is so difficult that everyone cannot afford it. But when we look at the benefits from playing piano we realize that piano lessons from a specialist teacher are worth it in terms of relaxation and in terms of taking this art  as a profession.

Do You Think Piano Lessons Will Help You In The Future?

How can a piano help in the future? In many ways, it can be helpful. You can join any school or academy as a piano or music teacher or compose a melody for a film. One way apart from these is to become a doctor of musical instruments like tuning the pianos.

You can also offer your services by playing music or tribute to the band. You can submit your services as a music therapist also. Thus learning piano might be profitable.

Is Piano Lessons Worth It For Kids?

Yes, it is worth it as it helps the children channel their energies constructively. It also aids in releasing stress, and children get into something creative. Thus there are many benefits in terms of development.


There are so many advantages to learning piano, and as the saying goes, “without music, life would be boring.” Thus learning piano as a new hobby is good for your mental state as it will keep you less stressed, and you would also enjoy it. As Aaron said,” So long as the human spirit thrives on this planet, music in some living form will accompany and sustain it.”So from the institutions mentioned above, select anyone and start taking piano lessons.

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