Linksys App Not Working? Let’s Fix It!

Linksys app has made it easy for its users to access the extender.linksys setup page without any hassle. By using this app, you can make the most out of your range extender from anywhere. But, what if Linksys app do not work for you. Well, you are not alone in the battle. 90% of the Linksys extender users are experiencing the same issue. Need not to worry! You have landed on the right post. Here, we are going to provide to topmost reasons that might be preventing you from accessing the Linksys app along with their solution. So, without much delay, let’s start over!

Fixed: Linksys App Not Working

There might be a number of reasons that might be preventing you from accessing the Linksys app. Right from incomplete Linksys WiFi extender setup to partial installation of the app and accumulation of cache to wrong extender placement, a number of reasons are there. But, luckily, you can fix the issue with ease. Simply follow the instructions provided in this post and know how to fix Linksys app not working issue in a fly.

Reinstall the Linksys App

On the off chance if an outdated or wrong firmware version of the Linksys app is being installed on your device, then you will not be able to use the app for sure. In such a case, you are suggested to uninstall the app and download it again. The Linksys app is available for both Android and iOS devices. So, you can access the Play Store or App store as per your smartphone for reinstalling the Linksys app.

Reboot Your Smartphone

Chances are that your smartphone is not working because of a technical glitch, resulting in Linksys app not working issue. In such a case, reboot your smartphone and try accessing the Linksys app again and see whether it works for you or not. Still no luck? Give next troubleshooting tip a try.

Turn Off Mobile Data

Getting access to WiFi via various platforms while installing of accessing the Linksys app can also be one of the biggest reasons behind the issue. Thus, it is suggested, turn off your mobile data and install the app over WiFi only. But, do not use public or free WiFi hotspot.

Partial Extender Setup

You will not be able to access the extender.linksys setup page using the app if your device isn’t configured in a proper manner. Don’t sweat over it! This issue can be fixed easily by configuring your Linksys extender in a proper manner. If you are not sure how to configure your Linksys extender in a hassle-free way, drop us a line into the comments section.

Still no luck? Fret not! Chances your Linksys extender itself is the culprit. So, in that case, simply reset your Linksys extender back to factory default settings.

How to Reset Linksys Extender?

  • Make sure that your Linksys extender is powered on.
  • Also, ensure that the extender is disconnected from your main router.
  • Locate the reset hole on your Linksys extender.
  • Press it gently using a pin or a paper clip.
  • Hold it for a couple of seconds and release it.
  • The extender power LED will become stable shortly upon blinking.
  • Now, connect your router to your extender and perform the Linksys extender setup process again.

It is strictly recommended – do not use public or neighboring WiFi to reset Linksys extender.

After resetting Linksys extender, open your smartphone – connect it to your home network and try to access the Linksys app again. Are you able to access the app? If you nod in yes, then you can tweak the settings of your range extender the way you want.

In the event that the Linksys app not working issue continues to spin your head, please feel free to share your concerns with us. And, if this article worked for you, we are eagerly waiting for your feedback.

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