Loose or Lose

Loose or Lose

The difference between “Loose or Lose” is really confusing in writing or sometimes reading an article. Here is a quickly explained article:

Loose: Something which is not tight or fit.

This form is used in the present or future tense. But in the past tense, we use loosed.

For example :

  • This is a large size shirt so, it is loose to me.
  • I returned the shirt that I bought last Sunday because it loosed to me.

Here, in the above examples, first, one is used in the present tense, so we used loose wherein the second sentence, we use loosed as this is past tense sentence.

Lose: To fail in something or not to win, Fail to keep something.

This form is used in the present or future tense. But in the past tense, we use lost.

For example :

  • You may lose the match if you would not practice.
  • You are not supposed to lose this match at any cost.
  • As we did not prepare for the match, we lost the game.
  • We lost many freedom fighters in wars.

Here, in the above examples first, the second and third sentence is in future, present and past tense respectively and form of lose it accordingly used. Sentence fourth is a past tense as well but there is a sense of failure to keep someone physically.

                                                                            So, Long story short :

                                                          Always keep in mind the below difference :

Loose: To not tight.

Lose: To not win or fail to keep something.

Read about the pronunciation of Loose or Lose also :

We confuse generally in Loose or Lose in regards to their pronunciation: Loose is pronounced to rhyme with “Choose” which is also used in the present and future tense like Loose and Lose is pronounced to rhyme with “Snooze”.

Common Terms with “Loose” and “Lose”

Here are some common terms with “loose” and “lose”:

Terms with “lose”:

  • lose hope
  • lose belly fat
  • lose your mind
  • lose weight

Terms with “loose”:

  • loose ends
  • loose dress
  • loose-fitting
  • loose stool

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