Orbi Satellite Not Connecting to Router? Here’s the Fix!

Orbi routers are popular among millions of users around the world for enjoying high-speed internet. However, it has also been reported by some users that their Orbi Satellite is not connecting to the Orbi router. If you are experiencing the same, this troubleshooting guide is going to help you out. Check the steps below and get the Orbi Satellite not connecting issue fixed in a hassle-free manner.

Reasons Why Orbi Satellite is Not Connecting to Router

Before we shed light on the troubleshooting tips, let’s make you aware of the reasons that can possibly get you in the trouble of the Orbi satellite not connecting to the router.

  • Faulty Hardware

If there is some fault in the hardware of your Orbi router or Satellite, you will not get success when it comes to connecting both devices. Thus, check both devices once and ensure there is not a hardware-related issue affecting the performance of your device.

  • Cable Connections

Loose or improper connections are also one of the reasons behind getting connectivity issues. Check if the cables connected to your Orbi router, Satellite, and PC are properly installed. Also, the power outlets selected by you for plugging in your devices are in a working state. If you have used an Ethernet cable to connect your devices, then keep in mind that it should not have any cuts.

  • Bad Placement

Connectivity issues can also occur if the location you have selected to place your router and satellite is not proper. Consider keeping both the devices in range of each other as well as away from things that can interfere with their WiFi signals. To name a few, you can keep your Orbi router and Satellite away from Bluetooth speakers, microwave ovens, baby monitors, refrigerators, and other WiFi-enabled devices.

After checking the points above if still you are unable to get success with the process of connecting your Orbi Satellite to the Orbi router, then give the below-mentioned troubleshooting tips a try.

How to Troubleshoot Orbi Satellite Not Connecting to Router Issue?

  • Power cycle your router and satellite to get the issue fixed. For this, you can unplug both the devices from their power sockets. After a while, you are suggested to plugin them back to their respective sockets and check if the issue has been resolved for you or not.

  • Updating the firmware of both devices can also be of great help. However, keep in mind to update both the devices as per their model number. Because getting the wrong firmware update can make your device non-performing.

  • Temporarily disable the access of firewall apps and ad-blocking software to your device, then access the settings of your Orbi via orbilogin and see if the connection status between your router and Satellite is fine or not.

Are you done with trying all the troubleshooting tips listed above? Still not able to connect both the devices? Well, it seems as if your Orbi router and Satellite are not configured in a proper manner. To do away with the situation, consider resetting your Orbi to the default factory settings. Doing so will erase all the customized settings made by you. You can return your Orbi to factory settings by navigating to the Administration tab > Backup Settings. Also, you can reset the device by pressing the hard reset button using a paper clip.

Once done, again perform Orbi setup and see if this time you can get success with the process of connecting both the devices.

This is all about fixing the connectivity issue between your Orbi router and Satellite. In worst cases or situations, you need to take help from experts. So, consider contacting seasoned professionals if still your Orbi Satellite is not connecting to the router.

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