Places to visit Shimla in winter

So, first of all:- “HAVE A GOOD JOURNEY”

The reason that I am saying this is because if are reading this article, you have probably made up your mind to visit Shimla but are just worried about where to go. Isn’t it? No problem, We are here to tell and describe the best tourist places to visit Shimla and places to visit near Shimla within 100 km as well.

Also, there are some interesting facts about Shimla prior to visiting so that you could be more delighted.

Origin of NameShimla has been named after Shyamala Devi, a form of goddess Mahakali, the ferocious aspect of Durga Devi. 
Ranking in hillsIt rests atop seven hills
The weird name “Scandal Point” Long ago, a British woman had eloped with a king from India. The action has its own negative repercussions, but that’s how the place got its name.
Haunted TunnelKnown as Barog Tunnel No. 33, it is the longest tunnel on the Kalka-Shimla train track.
Hanuman StatueIt is a 108 ft long statue of God: Shri Hanuman and lies among the 10 tallest statues in India.
CapitalThe summer capital of Himachal Pradesh is Shimla.

Ok. Let’s have some leading attractions of Shimla, which necessarily find a place in any tourist’s itinerary.

Places to visit shimla ::

1. Kalka-Shimla Railway


Well if you looking for places to visit Shimla and already made up your mind to go, I strongly recommend you to visit by train as it gives you breathtaking views and the journey through many tunnels and bridges would make up for an unforgettable experience. You just do not go through with amazing views rather journey by a toy train gives you so much enjoy itself.

There are a total of 107 tunnels between Kalka-Shimla Railway and the longest tunnel you come across is near 1km which is tunnel no 33. There are 18 small beautiful stations between Kalka to Shimla that could mesmerize you.

2. The Ridge

places to visit Shimla places to visit shimla within 100km
The Ridge – Shimla

The Ridge is one of the best places to visit Shimla. It has a large open space in the heart of Mall road that provides an excellent view of the mountain ranges engulfed in the beauty of nature. It is one of the most famous attractions in Shimla that is worth seeing with family and friends. The Ridge connects the Mall road at the Scandal Point on the west side and offers a panoramic view of the snowy mountains of Shimla. The marvelous view of snow-clad mountain ranges spellbinds you.

Things to do:

  • Here you can do photography, roaming, sightseeing with your loved ones, enjoy tasty food at the ridge.
  • If you are photogenic but missed taking your camera with you, you should not worry as you would find professional photographers here at the ridge. There is no entry fee. 🙂 .
  • If you are lucky enough you may find snow here at the ridge or maybe snowfall in on the season.

3. Mall Road

places to visit Shimla places to visit shimla within 100km
The Mall Road – Shimla

When we talk about the places to visit Shimla, Mall Road can’t be missed in your itinerary.

Mall Road is located just below The Ridge. It offers a glimpse of Shimla. It is filled with many shops, restaurants, cafes book shops, and many more tourist attractions. Take a relaxed walk on Mall Road and get surprised at every turn by the things this place has to offer you. The scenic beauty of Shimla can also be seen through here.

Things to do:

If you shopaholic and want a place to shop then no other place in Shimla can beat Mall Road in terms of availability and reasonable prices. You have a long series of shops on mall road for shopping. One thing that you should not miss to purchase is the Himachali Cap that Hill people usually wear.

4. Jakhoo Temple/Hill

places to visit Shimla places to visit shimla within 100km
Jakhoo Temple – Shimla

Jakhoo Hill Situated 2 km from Shimla is the highest peak in the entire hill station offers a scenic view of the city and snow-capped mountains. This is really one of the best places to visit Shimla. The 8000 ft Jakhoo Hill is a famous tourist attraction that is visited by nature lovers and pilgrims as well. Jakhoo Temple is situated at Jakhoo hills that has a large statue of Hanuman. This statue is 108 ft. long. According to the Ramayana, Hanuman stopped at the location to rest while searching for the Sanjivni Booti to revive Lakshmana.

Things to do:

  • If you are thiest, and moreover the devotee of Lord Hanuman, then your visit to Shimla is incomplete if you do not come here.
  • The way to Jakhoo temple is steep-slope but not to worry as you find stairs alongside. This could give you a feel like trekking.
  • Worship Lord Hanuman in the temple and get the blessed food.
  • You can come across a bunch of monkeys who can take away your belongings. So, just beware from monkeys as well. 🙂

5. Christ Church

places to visit Shimla places to visit shimla within 100km
Christ Church – Shimla

Christ Church, Shimla, is the second oldest church in North India, after St John’s Church in Meerut, and also one of the best places to visit Shimla. Located on The Ridge, it was built in the year 1857 and it took almost 3 years to complete this architectural marvel. The stained glass windows, the clock tower, and the frescos are some of the attractions of this church. It also houses the largest pipe organ in India and has been a part of many Bollywood films like Black and 3 Idiots.

Things to do:

  • Spent some time sitting in the ridge area and enjoying the beauty of the church.
  • The nightlife in and around the church is just an awesome experience. You can enter the church and have a prayer or meditation in the silent atmosphere. Photography is not allowed inside the church.
  • There are a lot of fun activities and eating places near the church
  • Apparently, the Christmas celebrations in Christ Church are one of the best things you can look forward to if you are lucky to be there during Xmas time.

Places to visit near shimla within 100 km ::

6. Kufri


Kufri is located 17 km away from Shimla. It is one of the best places to visit near Shimla within 100 km. At an altitude of 2510 meters and in the Himalayan foothills, the hill station delights nature lovers and adventurers alike. Kufri along with some places around Shimla once belonged to the Nepal kingdom. This place is must visit for everyone visiting Shimla because of the stunning views it offers and also because of its status as an adventure hub.

Things to do:

  • Enjoy the scenic views.
  • Adventure sports like skiing.
  • Kufri Fun World, an amusement park.
  • Pay a visit to the Himalayan wild life zoo if there is time.

7. Chail

Camping in Chail

Chail is also one of the nearest places to visit near Shimla within 100 km. A quaint hill station was founded by Maharaja Bhupinder Singh of Patiala. As the story goes, Bhupinder Singh eloped with the daughter of the then Viceroy of India from a place now known as Scandal Point. This incurred the wrath of Lord Kitchener who then banished the couple from Shimla. This place has the world’s highest cricket ground and is perfect for people looking for a laid-back holiday.

Things to do:

  • If you are in Shimla and looking for a place for camping, Chail would never disappoint you.
  • Here, your stay in very beautiful canvas-made camps where you enjoy a good breakfast meal and a night bonfire in between the lighting mountains which is an awesome experience for a traveler.
  • Also if you thinking about going on trekking then Chail provides you that as well. You can enjoy chilled water at the end of your trekking.

Don’t miss watching a video that can stroll you to Shimla beauty: Click here to watch the video.

Conclusion: So, here, we gave you a glimpse of the most visited 7 tourist places to visit shimla and places to visit near Shimla within 100 km. You guys may have other places known but you should not miss the above-mentioned places. At the time of planning your visit, try to plan your visit in December or January as you have more luck to see snowfall in Shimla.

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