Places worth visiting in Japan

Japan is a beautiful country filled with history and legend. The land of the cherry blossoms is a place where culture plays a big role, but also the tourist attractions make a trip to this country unforgettable. Despite its historical attachment, Japan has a number of features that set it apart from the world’s resorts. One of these is the ability to play online casinos using bitcoin. You can find a Bitcoin casino 2022 you like and try playing there. So it’s worth visiting a few interesting places while you’re there.

Sapporo Snow Festival

If you are planning a visit to Japan in winter, the Snow Festival held in Sapporo is a must. This is one of the biggest tourist attractions that take place during the winter season. This festival has been held in the second half of February continuously since 1950. Here you can see an exhibition of amazing ice sculptures and those made of snow.

Tokyo and some interesting places

One of the most popular tourist destinations in Japan is of course the country’s capital Tokyo. The city itself is a unique attraction offering amazing experiences that cannot be experienced in any other place. So what is worth seeing in Tokyo?

If we like city views, we must surely go to the Government Building. It is one of the best, and above all, free places to admire the urban panorama of Tokyo. An additional attraction is the fact that in good weather conditions from the top floor of this building you can see Mount Fuji.

The Shibuya district is home to the most famous and crowded intersection on the planet. Apart from the intersection featured in the greatest Hollywood films, the district is full of shops, premises and other attractions.

Sensō-ji Temple is the most popular and oldest temple in the Japanese capital. Work on the temple was completed in 645 AD. The temple looks insane, and around it you will find stalls selling souvenirs or snacks.

There will also be something for anime fans, as on the small island of Odaiba located in Tokyo Bay there is a full-size Gundam robot. This robot comes from the most popular Japanese cartoon Mobile Suit Gundam. The Gundam is not limited to just standing around. Every day from 5pm to 11pm it lights up, and in the afternoon steam comes out of its chest. From time to time, there is also a performance during which the robot moves to the accompaniment of characteristic music from the cartoon.

The bamboo forest in Kyoto

The bamboo forest in Kyoto is one of the biggest attractions in the Land of the Cherry Blossom. One could say that it has become its calling card, as it is very often found on brochures advertising trips to Japan. No wonder, as it is a magical place where you can calm down and admire what mother nature has created.

Kazurabashi Bridge

The Kazurabashi Bridge is a remarkable structure, mainly due to its age. The suspension bridge in the Iya Valley near the town of Miyoshi is estimated to be around 1000 years old. It was made using the vines of the holly actinidia. The Kazurabashi Bridge is one of three unconventional bridges in the country and is classified as a People’s Cultural Property. Once every 3 years the structure is rebuilt.

Shinkansen train ride

This may not be the place, but it is an attraction worth taking advantage of. If you are in Japan you absolutely must ride the super fast trains that are the Shinkansen. Japan’s railways are world famous for their logistics, cleanliness, punctuality and the trains themselves for their speed. The fastest trains reach speeds of over 300 km/h.


We end our list of recommended places to visit in Japan with a rather grim place looking through the pages of history – Hiroshima. This is, of course, the city that was destroyed during the atomic bomb attack. It is certainly the place that will be most memorable. In the city you will find places paying tribute to the fallen inhabitants and the history of the place described and explained in detail.

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