Practical Solutions with the Use of the Virtual Phone Number

Practical Solutions with the Use of the Virtual Phone Number

The ATA is an adapter so that the analogue telephone can make VoIP calls, and the IP telephone is a specific fixed device for calls made over the internet. With this device and a stable network connection, call quality is guaranteed.

With the IP Phone, it is also possible to make calls to analogue phones that use traditional telephony. The rates will depend on the region where the call is received and for a much lower price compared to the rates of analogue operators.

In addition, the IP phone also offers other advantages in making calls, such as recording calls, transfers and caller ID. This device is ideal for those looking for the benefits of VoIP calling with the familiarity of conventional telephony, as it seems a lot like an analogue phone and Virtual Phone Number.


PABX is the abbreviation of the English term “Private Automatic Branch Exchange”. In Portuguese, it means “automatic exchange of private extensions”. This is a widely used tool in companies and call centres. The purpose of this technology is to connect different phones to an outside line. The IP PBX operates as a provider, integrating your network into a single interface.

In this sense, the integration eliminates the need to have numerous telephone lines, reducing costs. In addition, the extensions of this technology make free calls between branches, as they are connected to the same network.

This is a more complete and economical tool when compared to analogue or digital PBX since it uses VoIP operators to make calls, which have much cheaper rates. Using and installing the IP PBX is fast and straightforward. However, to use the technology, a more significant investment is needed.

Advantages of Migrating To VoIP Connection

In addition to the reduced rate compared to analogue telephony, there are several other advantages to migrating to a VoIP provider. Below, we will mention some of the characteristics that make this technology considered the future of the telephone network.


With VoIP, you can also integrate your calls with other tools that will help increase your team’s productivity, such as CRM, prospecting tools and other various systems. Thus, it is possible to optimize the relationship with employees and customers and increase your team’s productivity. These resources will also help your section target your business’s target audience and seek out more potential customers. API is compatible with any language and can be integrated with many systems.


While the analogue telephone network depends on the location and installation of cabling for its operation, the VoIP connection only needs stable internet and a device capable of recording the VoIP. Thus, you save on equipment installation and maintenance and reduce the possibility of noise in the call due to outside interference, such as faulty cables and inadequate facilities.


In addition to these advantages, VoIP offers several other features such as call recording, video conferencing, URA, scalability, among others and all these features are provided by many service providers such as Freedom voice as well as other companies. These features are only available on the analogue network on plans with very high rates.

Therefore, by switching to VoIP calling technology, you will be able to make calls at much lower rates and acquire several other advantages that will help increase your team’s productivity and professionalize your business and all this without spending more than necessary.

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