Not Working? Here’s the Solution!

Users who have done Amped setup know the importance of accessing the web address. But, there are a lot of users who face issues while accessing this URL. FYI, it is the default web address to reach the dashboard of the Amped device. Just in case you’re also struggling with the not working problem, walk through this write-up to understand the reason behind the problem and the Amped wireless troubleshooting tactics to resolve it with ease.

  1. Why is Not Working?
  1. You’ve Used the Search Bar

The very first reason you are unable to access the web URL of your Amped device is that you’ve made use of the browser’s search bar for the process. Know that using the search for accessing any kind of web URL will take you to anonymous websites except the one you’re trying to access.

  1. Outdated Browser

You might also struggle with the not working issue if the web browser you’ve used is flaunting the outdated version of the software. No one can manage a networking device via an outdated web browser.

  1. Presence of Viruses

Do we need to mention the amount of loss that the presence of a virus can cause on your home network? Of course not! Well, there is a possibility that you are facing problems due to the presence of viruses on your PC.

  1. Connectivity Issues

The problem that we are currently discussing can also be an outcome of connectivity issues between your networking devices [Amped extender and the main router]. After all, you cannot ignore the basic requirement i.e. an internet connection for the extender’s management.

So, these were the potential causes due to which the Amped device’s default web address deny to work. Since you’re fully aware of them, we are expecting that you want to know about the troubleshooting steps now. So, walk through the next section to learn them. However, you must restart your extender before attempting other hacks. Chances are that your extender is dealing with technical glitches due to which you are unable to visit Otherwise, walk through the next section.

  1. What to Do If Not Working?
  1. Make Use of the Address Bar

Rectify the mistake of using the search bar to access the Amped extender’s default URL and put the address bar to use. And, that too, without committing any typing errors. Once done, press the Enter key to check if the issue you were facing has been resolved or not.

  1. Install the Latest Version of the Browser

If the problem was not related to the web address entry, then there is a possibility that the second reason i.e. outdated web browser is at fault. For this, we suggest you navigate to the settings section and check if the browser needs an update. If it needs, then do the honors. Plus, delete the cache, cookies, and search history from the browser.

  1. Eliminate Viruses

The only way to eliminate viruses present on a device is to run a virus scan with the help of an antivirus application. You can also use the built-in program on your computer for this purpose. However, after deleting unwanted files [of course, viruses] from PC, disable antivirus temporarily. The reason being, it blocks access to various networking sites.

  1. Connect Your Devices Properly

The next thing you can do to fix the not working issue is to stabilize the connection between the Amped wireless range extender and the router. If you’ve used an Ethernet cable to connect them, ensure that they are connected properly. Also, see to it that the Ethernet cable needs to be replaced. If yes, then put a new cable to use. However, if your devices are sharing a wireless connection, then we recommend you keep them at a safe distance.

  1. In a Nutshell

Accessing is necessary in order to reach the Amped extender’s dashboard and manage network settings. We hope that after you follow the hacks stated above, you will not only be able to fix the not working issue, but will also get successful in changing the extender’s settings after filling in the password and username.

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