Small-Scale Hotel Owners Benefit from Using Low-Cost Triangle Flags as Promotional Tools

The COVID19 pandemic has devastated several sections of the economy. However, the global hospitality industry has by far faced the most challenges due to the pandemic. Hospitality professionals predict 2022 to be the year of full recovery. Thankfully, the data suggests this is true.

In a recent survey, 50% of hospitality industry professionals said that full normalization of the industry is realistic in 2022. Which businesses are in the best position to make the most of this resurgence? Believe it or not – it’s the small-scale hotel owners. Unlike large hotels, private rentals and small hotels have performed extremely well in the past two years. 

  • Small-scale hotels always have less guest turnover. They don’t have to observe super-strict social distancing laws. 
  • It’s always easier to serve small groups of guests than large groups. Unlike top hotels, small-scale hotels can only accept small groups of people. 
  • Small-scale hotels use cost-effective marketing tools to build local brand presence. This presence attracts many guests.

The last point is super-important. Savvy owners of small-scale hotels have realized the power of low-cost marketing. When the pandemic was raging, these business owners realized that they couldn’t afford to spend heavy on digital marketing solutions. So, they switched to low-cost, traditional marketing tools like custom-printed triangle flags.

Why Small-Scale Hotel Owners Love Flag Marketing 

Flag marketing is one of the oldest forms of marketing. It still holds value to this day because they’re so effective. Small-scale hotel owners with limited marketing budgets love using these promotional tools for the following reasons –

Low-Cost Customizations

Do you know how hard and expensive it is to create well-customized digital or TV ads? With marketing flags, users don’t have to deal with any such hassles. They simply need to upload the artwork of their hotel’s brand on the flag seller’s website. Modern-day flag sellers use the latest digital printing tools. 

They custom-print each flag with precision and care. Digital printing is also quick. So, within a few days, hotel owners receive large sets of custom-printed marketing flags. They can then install these flags outside hotel premises, give them out to guests, and perform other promotional activities. 

Indoor and Outdoor Promotions

Custom-printed marketing flags are typically made of synthetic materials like vinyl or polyester. These materials are sun, water, and wind-resistant. Hotel owners can install these flags outdoors for months and they won’t pick up any sunlight, moisture, or wind damage. This durability makes these flags ideal outdoor marketing tools. Of course, hotel owners can also install their custom-designed flags indoors. 


Unlike most marketing tools today, designing, buying and installing custom-printed promotional flags are all super-easy steps. Despite this, these flags offer amazing visibility. Hotel owners can use flags of different sizes on their properties to draw as much attention as possible. These flags are essentially mini-billboards that hotel owners can use to promote their brands affordably and effectively. 

All modern-day hotel owners want to cut costs but still expand their brands. With cost-effective marketing tools like promotional flags – they get to do exactly that! 

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