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Smart Washing Machines Explained – How to Use Washing Machine with WIFI?

Technology is here to stay, and it is also highly present in everything linked to the house and electrical appliances, making life easier and, most importantly, saving time.

If we see washing machines with automated dosage before, today we will see washing machines with Wi-Fi and the benefits it may offer us in our daily lives. Our advice is that while shopping for a washing machine, consider whether or not it contains WiFi, because you may believe that it is not a necessary function, but it is. Let’s understand how to use washing machine with wifi.

So, what exactly is a smart washing machine?

Smart washing machines are gadgets that, like tablets and smartphones, can connect to your home’s wireless network. The washing machine may then be programmed remotely via an app on your phone or tablet, as well as Alexa or Google Assistant. You don’t even need a smartphone to set it up; you can do it manually.

Features of a smart washing machine

  • Using your smartphone app, you can remotely operate your laundry from anywhere: start or pause your wash, select cycles, check remaining time, and receive completing alerts!
  • Auto-dosing washing machines will dose your items for you: simply fill it once a month or so and let it to do the rest.
  • Capacity: Smart washers come in a variety of capacities, with some capable of washing up to 12kg of laundry in a single load. Smart washers analyse the weight of smaller loads and only use the exact amount of electricity and water required.
  • New technology: Some smart washers on the market have sophisticated features like as voice control compatibility or eco bubble technology. This technique froths detergent with air and water before the cycle begins, generating cleaning bubbles that permeate clothing faster and perform just as well in cool as in warm water.
  • Troubleshooting assistance: One of the most significant advantages of text-enabled smart washers and dryers is that they can detect and tell you of any problems with your machine quickly via the app, such as blocked filters, saving time and eliminating the cost of an engineer. The app also alerts you to major concerns that require the attention of an engineer.
  • Less vibration and noise during washing: allowing you to do laundry whenever and wherever you choose, without disturbing your neighbours or a sleeping cat!
  • Keeping clothing fresh: clever washing machines can mildly tumble the garments every few minutes to give them ample air, keeping them from smelling musty until you intervene.
  • Safety: prevents the cycle from starting if the door is left open if the machine is not connected to a water source.

How can I set up a Wi-Fi enabled washing machine?

You must install the app on your smartphone and link it to the washing machine through Wi-Fi. The mobile device will detect the Wi-Fi network of your washing machine and begin synchronisation. This is followed by a number of procedures to complete the initial configuration.

The programmes are available for free in the Google Play Store and the Apple Store. Once customised, you’ll see all of the available choices on the dashboard, which we’ll go over in more detail below.


Having said that, high-end smart washing machines, like high-end normal washers, are still highly expensive.

Whether or not it is worthwhile to get a smart machine ultimately relies on your lifestyle and whether or not you will use its remote capabilities.

If you don’t mind doing your laundry by hand, a standard washing machine will suffice.

However, if you enjoy smart technology and want to have control and information at your fingertips, a smart washing machine would most certainly benefit you.


  • What are the benefits of having a Wifi-enabled washing machine?
  • Your smart washing machine may be programmed from anywhere. You will be able to start, stop, and adjust both its programmes and the basic settings from your own mobile phone thanks to your control over WiFi connection. Furthermore, washing machines determine the amount of detergent and fabric softener that your garments require automatically. The smart washer calculates the correct quantity for ideal results based on the degree of dirt, the hardness of the water, and the size of the load.
  • The washing machine with Wi-Fi notifies you when its programme is complete. You can monitor the status of your washing machine and receive updates of its movements using the Home Connect app on your mobile device. Furthermore, it will advise you on how to travel more quickly through its programmes and which is the most appropriate based on the kind of garment, degree of grime, and type of stain.
  • It will notify you when it is time to do maintenance. When a service is required, Siemens washing machines with Wi-Fi recommend that you begin the drum cleaning programme. You may eradicate the particles that gather in the drum in this manner without moving a single finger. Because the smart washer dryer works for you, it notifies you when the condensed water tank needs to be emptied. Not only that, but with its Intelligent Cleaning System, you only need to clean your lint filter after 20 wash cycles.
  • The intelligent washing machine selects the best programme on its own. If you are unsure about which curriculum is best for you, the washing machine makes the decision for you whether it comes to colourful clothing or delicate clothes. You only need to answer a few questions regarding the type of cloth and its colour so that the new Wi-Fi-enabled washing machines can select the best programme in seconds. After that, all that remains is to hit the button and wait for your most efficient task to be completed.
  • Recognizes a wide range of stains. Wi-Fi-enabled washers offer an anti-stain function that eliminates up to 16 different types of problematic stains, such as chocolate or ink stains. smears from wine You will discover the method to remove stubborn stains in the Home Connect application’s additional options, and you will be able to enjoy your clean garments as if they had just come from the dry cleaner.
  • Is A Smartphone Required to Operate a Smart Washing Machine?

If you are considering purchasing a smart washing machine because of its features and quality, you may be concerned that it cannot be operated without a smartphone or tablet to access its functions. Fortunately, a smart washing machine works exactly like a regular washing machine. It will have a dashboard with buttons, knobs, and/or an LCD touchscreen.

Future kinds of low-cost smart washing machines may do away with such manual inputs in order to save money on production expenses and because wireless networks, cellphones, and tablets are widely available.

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