Some Confusing Grammar Topics

In this article we picked up 4 random confusing topics of english grammar that english learners find difficult to deal with. Here is all :-

Difference between “had better” & “would have been better”

Had better : We use had better where we ask other person to do something which is good for him/her(its a kind of advice as well but not always in a positive way).

Examples :
  1. You had better to prepare for exams.(positive sense)
  2. You had better to leave from here right now.(Negative sense : say someone is very angry over the mistake you did and wants you to go from there as he may beat you).
  3. You had better go with him as he knows the way to reach there.(positive sense)

Would have been better : This form is used in the same way as of above. The only difference is here that this is used for past tense and brings with a hypothetical situation.

Examples :

  1. It would have been better if you had started your career at the age of 22.(but the person did not commence his career at 22 and now he is 30 and recently started a job).
  2. It would have been better if you had come to me. I would help you definitely.
  3. It would have been better if government had banned the production of firecrackers.(but govt did not do so).

Differnece between will have + v3 & would have + v3

Will have + v3 : This is simpally the future perfect tense where there is a sense of completing an action in future.

Examples :

  1. He will have completed his work by 3 PM.
  2. I will have reached Germany by Tuesday.

Would have + v3 : This used in two ways ; First way to use is to talk about an action that has completed in past and the second way to use this form where speaker saying about an action which may or may not be completed in near past.(here the sense of assuming comes)

Examples :

  1. He would have completed his work when i reached his house(simple past)
  2. I would have done my work at about 5am yesterday.(simple past)
  3. Virat Kohli would have scored 100 by this time.(assuming in present that Virat may be at 100 now but not sure)
  4. You can go and play with him. He would have completed his homework by this time(assuming).

Difference between “Would have” and “Would have been”

Would have : This is used for the possibility of having of something.

Example :

  1. If i were a rich man, i would have BMW.
  2. If i were in place of you, i would have that position of managerial level
  3. If i were with you, you would have a couple of new things to do with me.

Would have been : It expresses the possibility of being(something/somewhere etc). It is hypothetical situation.

Examples :

  1. would have been a better person if he hadn’t influenced me. – I was not a better person because he had influenced me. So, it expresses the possibility of being something/ somehow in the past.
  2. I would have been on the senior position in my company if i had not suffered from long illness.- I am not on the senior postion now because i was ill.
  3. You would have been a married man if you had married with that girl at that time. -He is not a married man as he did not marry with that girl.

Difference between “Could have been” and “could have been + v3”

Both structures are used where the sense is that a particular situation or action can be happen or done in the past but not done in actual.

Examples of could have been :

  1. Rahul could have been in school at that time.(possible but didn’t happen)
  2. He could have been in gym yesterday.(possible but did not happen)
  3. I could have been a mathemetical teacher.(possible but did not happen)

Examples of could have been + v3

This is always use for passive sentence.

  1. Rahul could have been beaten in school.
  2. I could have been given some books if i were in the school today.
  3. You could have been charged with murder.
  4. We could have been sent to camp if we had registered for that.

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